Visit Trebinje, a town with a Mediterranean spirit

Trebinje is a town full of interesting corners that are practically unexplored by tourists. Nature, rivers, lakes and waterfalls define the beauty of this incredible place. History, culture and customs shape its spirit. Undoubtedly, Visiting Trebinje will be an unforgettable experience if you are looking to discover hidden places.

Do you consider yourself an adventurer? Are you a fan of history? do you like water sports? In that case, stay with us! We will tell you everything you need to visit Trebinje. This is a corner of Bosnia and Herzegovina that will surprise you.

Visit Trebinje, a town with a Mediterranean spirit

Surely you have heard of some cities in this Balkan country, especially Sarajevo, Mostar or Banja Luka. However, the truth is that Bosnia and Hezergovina is a barely explored country and perfect for curious travelers. In fact, Trebinje is surely new to you. Do you want to meet him?

Location, how to get there

Aerial view of Trebinje – Jocelyn Erskine-Kellie /

Located in the southern part of Bosnia and Hezergovina, Trebinje is one of the most Mediterranean towns in the country. And it is something that is easily perceived in its architecture and environment.

On the other hand, enjoy a magnificent location. It is in the triangle formed by three cities belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage list: Mostar, Kotor and Dubrovnik. Only 30 kilometers separate it from this last city.

To get around the country and be able to visit Trebinje, the ideal is to rent a car. The journey from Sarajevo, the capital, to our destination is just over three and a half hours, these two cities are separated by approximately 200 kilometers.

You should bear in mind that public transport is not very advanced, so you will hardly find direct routes by train or bus.

History and legends of Trebinje

Trevinje old town

There is a curious legend that tells that the city receives the name of Trebinje after a visit by Napoléon to meet her. He was fascinated by the beauty of the surroundings and pronounced the words “très bien”, which resembles the name of the town.

anecdotes aside, this city has a long history. The different empires to which it belonged have left their mark on it, from the Roman to the Ottoman and the Austro-Hungarian. For this reason, you can breathe an environment full of diverse cultural influences and wrapped in legends of all kinds.

What to visit in Trevinje?

trebinje bridge

Despite its small size and the war that devastated the country, some centuries-old monuments still stand. Its Ottoman bridge stands out, built in the 16th century on the Trebisnjika river. It is 80 meters long and 6 meters high and was a strategic point for trade routes.

But if there is something for which Trenbije is important, it is for its fortifications. Special mention deserves the fortress of Kobluk. It is the oldest in the country, since its origins go back to the 9th century.

But you should also take a leisurely walk through the walled old quarter of the city and have a drink in one of its cafes. And when you’ve regained strength, visit the Brankovic tower, We are talking about one of the best preserved medieval towers in the country.

What to do in Trebinje?

Visiting Trebinje can also be a great idea if you like adventure sports or are one of those who seek direct contact with nature. beyond the city, in its surroundings you can enjoy countless activities.

Surroundings of Trebinje – Patrice Wangen /

Near Trebinje there is an ideal place for hiking, the Orjen massif. Here you can discover incredible rocky landscapes. You can also enjoy mountain biking, although if you are looking for something less complicated, you can follow the old railway line of the old Ciro train.

Are you an adventurer? If you like speleology, in the surroundings of Trebinje you will find interesting caves. 40 kilometers from the city you can visit the cave of Vjetrenica. It is the largest in the country, and stands out not only for its 6 kilometers of galleries, but also for its biodiversity.


Around 200 species of animals that have adapted to the dark live in the Vjetrenica cave. They are mainly molluscs, crabs and insects, some of them endemic.

Secondly, if you travel during the summer months, you can enjoy the water in its purest form. Rivers, lakes and waterfalls are ideal for various water activities. Kayaking, diving, canoeing, fishing, jumping… Without a doubt, a trip to Trebinje will be a great adventure.

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