Visiting Athens as a family, an unforgettable experience

Athens is a city rich in history and culture, in fact, we must not forget that it is the cradle of Western civilization. Visiting Athens with your family is always a good idea. In addition to being fun, it will be a very educational visit for the little ones in the house, who will see up close part of what they have studied at school.

Visiting Athens with children

The history of the city is very interesting, but we must not forget that it must be explained to children in a way that arouses their curiosity. Y Athens is a city that lends itself to telling a thousand and one stories and legends. Therefore, you can make it a most entertaining visit with these tips.

The Acropolis, an exciting story

Acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis of Athens is one of the best known corners of the world. And, although at first glance they may seem like just ruins, the history that its stones contain is the most exciting.

Look for some information before traveling and explains to the little ones, for example, stories about Greek gods. Surely when they arrive they will be fascinated imagining all the scenes in their head.

Gods like Zeus and Athena have interesting stories related to the Acropolis. It will be one of those lessons that they will not forget And, in addition, they will have a great time.

The Areopagus, a biblical story

View of the Areopagus

It is an imposing mass of bluish gray marble. It also has its own history related to the divinities of Ancient Greece. And not only that, but it was the place of biblical scenes.

People say that the apostle Paul gave his most famous speech there, loudly. Show the children from above why someone would choose that place to speak and how from there they could have access to all the people who were in the temples. History is always interesting.

By the way, long before in the Areopagus the council in charge of dictating and applying the laws in Athens met. And it was here that the philosopher Socrates was tried and sentenced to death, accused of “corrupting the youth”.


“Knowledge begins in wonder.”


Stroll through Plaka

plaka neighborhood

Plaka is the best known neighborhood in Athens, full of atmosphere and entertainment. You have crafts, restaurants, street stalls, lights, music, street shows and much more. All this without losing the incredible views of the Acropolis or other ruins that you find along the way.

Enjoy a good meal in one of its restaurants. And do not forget to buy typical products of the area such as cheese fetaolive oil or the amazing Greek olives.

eat greek yogurt

greek yogurt

Children love yogurt, and eating it in Athens is something you absolutely must do. He is the king of Greek gastronomybecause it is not only eaten alone, but is used in many of its recipes.

There are many places where you can eat it and accompany it, for example, with honey, or with honey and nuts. And, according to many Athenians, the best place to taste it is Stani’s on Kotopouli street. Don’t stop trying it!

See the changing of the guard

Changing of the guard in Athens

This will be a very fun and entertaining activity for the whole family. It takes place on the hour every day of the week. The soldiers wear a typical Greek uniform with a skirt and they make some very peculiar movements before the new turn enters.

If you are lucky enough to visit Athens on a weekend, go to the changing of the guard that takes place on Sundays at 10:45is the most solemn of the week.

Walk down Ermou street

Ermou street is one of the centers of Athens, full of shops and street food stalls. Through it you can get from Syntagma Square to Monastiraki Square. Along the way, before reaching this square, you will cross a beautiful corner: that of the Panagia Kapnikarea church.

You have already seen it, if you plan to visit Athens you should know that you can do many fun things as a family. You just have to put imagination to the matter and enjoy!

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