Visits from London that you should not miss

It is clear that London is an interesting destination on its own and, at times, practically unfathomable. However, once in the British capital, can be used to discover other places in England that are overshadowed for London fame. So, so that they come to light, here we are going to give you a few ideas of visits that you can do from London.

1. Visits from London: Brighton, a beach destination

South of London, about two hours away, is this beautiful city. It is one of the favorite destinations of Londoners themselves to make a getawayespecially if the weather is good.

Brighton is a coastal city, with a large beach that was surprisingly warm, so much so that even royalty used to go there in the past. In fact, Highlights of Brighton’s heritage include the spectacular Royal Pavilion built by King George IV of England in the 19th century.

2. Stonehenge, a classic in visits from London

Stonehenge is not close to London, and if you find yourself in a traffic jam it can be a long journey. Nevertheless, worth discovering the most famous megalithic monument in the world.

It is a monumental piece of Prehistory that has given for all kinds of speculations and explanations. Surely being there, you also try to understand how such a feat could be done.

3. A cruise down the Thames to Greenwich

Of all the excursions from London that can be done, this It is the shortest and most comfortablebut also one of the most entertaining, especially if you travel with children.

It is about making a river cruise that takes us from Westmister to Greenwich. This is the famous locality of the meridian 0 and where the mythical ship Cutty Sark, one of the most famous ships of all time, is also exhibited.

4. Excursion to Oxford

To say Oxford is to say university. It is a university city very close to London whose visit is a delightsince it is made up of various historical schools, some of which you can visit.

What you will not see is one of the most famous canoeing events in the world, the regatta between Oxford and Cambridge, which actually takes place on the Thames as it passes through the capital.

5. Discover Stratford-upon-Avon

being in London you have to take the opportunity to visit The Globe theater. This is famous because it was the stage where some of William Shakespeare’s works were premiered.

Well, to finish paying homage to the most famous English writer of all time, it is possible to travel in about two hours to the beautiful town of Starford-upon-Avon. The famous English playwright was born there.

6. Excursion to Windsor Castle

Like the members of the British monarchy, they also you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the capital taking a trip to Windsor Castle. In about an hour by train you will be there.

You will not be able to visit it in its entiretysince the current queen Elizabeth II is very much hers regarding her privacy, but you will be able to take a walk through some of her historic rooms.

7. Look out over the cliffs of Dover

England is usually reached by flying into any of the London airports. But another option is to cross the English Channel through the Channel Tunnel or in ferry. If you do it sailing, the welcome to the island will be the white cliffs of Dover, a visual spectacle. You can make an excursion here from London and combine it with a visit to Canterbury.

8. Bath, another visit from London

We conclude the possibilities of visitors from London with a destination that is about three hours away by train or road. It is a considerable distance, but the place deserves it. Bath is one of the most beautiful cities in Englandactually all of Great Britain.

It is a site with incredible monuments such as the Royal Crescent or The Circus, such as its Gothic abbey or the Assembly Rooms, with the settings where Jane Austen was. Everything, without forgetting some thermal baths of Roman origin that are the true origin of the city to which they give their name. Safety pin!

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