Volandovoy in Pepetravel (#BF)

quite an honor

Since Anacontacted us to offer to participate in the #BF of pepetravel the illusion took hold of us.

Each Friday in the Pepetravel blog, bring us those many and good travel blogswhich all of us who love travel read and who facilitate a lot of things when visiting cities or countries.

With our new format of blog, just released, we did not think, how fast, we would begin to reap fruits and even less, coming from places of the importance of pepetravel.

Blog Pepetravel

Logically , we immediately told Ana yes , so we got down to work and told her a little more about usof our references bloggers, future plans etc….

In this interviewcan you get a little closer to flying to us, Diego and Vanessa, its authors.

Thank you to Ana and Pepetravel , for thinking of us and make us feel specialreally is quite an honor to be able to appear in a portal like yours.

In addition, we could not forget another of the great people, who have decisively collaborated so that Volandovoy has renewed its image how is he already, great friend Dario (getafelling) that gave us that dose of experience Y art necessary.

We hope you like it….

1000 thanks

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