Voted the best city in Asia-Pacific

The city of Bangkok is chosen by the readers of DestinAsian magazine as the best destination in Asia-Pacific.

from the magazine DestinAsian The best city within the continents of Asia and the Pacific is usually chosen each year. In this way, readers are the ones in charge of choosing the best city and making recommendations so that other people can enjoy the best places throughout their vacations.

Bangkok is the best city in Asia-Pacific for readers of DestinAsian magazineThe ceremony of the DestinAsian Awards in Hong Kong and in which the different prizes were awarded. One of them was for the best Destination City within Asia-Pacific, a recognition that went to the city of Bangkok, capital of Thailand. It is a very prominent place and a favorite for the readers of this publication.

There is no doubt that this is excellent news for the thai capital the fact of being a prominent destination for such an important publication related to the tourism sector. The results come from a survey that was carried out between the months of August and October of last year. In addition, surveys were conducted to offer prizes in other categories.

More important prizes

This publication has also searched this year for the best spas, airlines, airports, service residences, resorts and hotels, among others categories in which an award has been offered this year. It is a good way to know the best places to take them into account when making a trip.

In this sense, Bangkok has been chosen as the best city by the readers of the publication because it is a modern destination where you can also enjoy the best traditional attractions, such as its markets, where you can discover the best typical recipes and the fusion of cuisines from different parts of the world that travelers like so much.

It is certainly an achievement to be for the third time in a row the preferred destination by the readers of a publication. This is also due to the fact that it is a place where culture is very present thanks to its incredible museums and temples, among other possibilities.

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