VPN, the solution to access the internet on your trip to China

China has more than 3,000 blocked websites, including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, but thanks to the use of a quality VPN you can still access them

travel to china It is one of the dreams of many travelers. It is an amazing country and we can enjoy everything it offers, but we are going to find ourselves with a problem that we did not expect. And it is that The Chinese government maintains a strict blockade on Internet content. And there are several web pages that cannot be accessed. This might not be so important, but it turns out that among these web pages there are some as well-known as Facebook, Gmail or Twitter.

But do not worry. Although this block exists, there is a way to bypass it and be able to continue to use these web pages and applications so well known and used in our country. The best method to do this is to use a VPN, which allows access to Internet content by making the server believe that you are in another country. If you don’t know what What is a VPN and what is it for?we are going to tell you what it is and how it can be useful in a Trip to china.

What is a VPN?

These acronyms, VPN, stand for Virtual Private Networknamely, Virtual Private Network and serves to create a layer of encryption on the data that is transmitted over the Internet. This means that there is an encryption layer that turns this data transmitted over the network into something that cannot be read by a third party. The advantage of this private network is that it allows you to connect to any free wifi networkbut in such a way that nobody can see the data packets that are transmitted between two computers.

This happens because data is not transmitted from the device you connect to to the service you want, but rather goes through the virtual private network. Thus, the operator that provides you with the internet does not know where that data is going or that it is being shared. For practical purposes, it is as if you were navigating from the vpn server and not from the device you have in your hands.

And if we are in China, what can we do with a VPN?

knowing how the vpn works it is easy to know how we can use this virtual private network in China. When connecting to a VPN, the network does not identify where we are connecting from, but rather detects that we are accessing the internet from the place where the vpn server. That is, when we connect to a VPN, even through an open wifithe private network protects the data and also masks the IP, that identification that says who is connecting to the Internet and from where.

Mao Tse Tung China

If we are in China and the VPN server is in the United States, we will be connecting from the United States, not from the Asian country. So that block does not exist, since there are no blocked pages in the United States. In this way, we can continue connected to our favorite applications, without anyone interfering with them and with all the data protected, so that no one will know that we are doing it.

There are many vpn services that can be used for your Trip to chinaalthough we recommend that you use one from a trusted provider, that you use a quality VPNwith good connection speed and that guarantees the encryption of the shared data. Free VPN providers are not worth itbecause they do not usually offer good quality and remember, they are handling your private data, such as your bank credentials or social media accounts. A good choice of vpn provider guarantees the best possible service.

In this way, you can share with all your friends and family those photos and videos on the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City, without the other great wall of chinawhich poses a serious problem with the web pages that we all use normally in Spain, affects your internet connection.

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