Walker Bay Nature Reserve in South Africa

Located southeast of Cape Town is the Walker Bay Nature Reserve., one of the protected areas worth making an excursion to. In fact, all the surroundings of the famous South African city are full of natural spaces of great interest. So, as it is difficult to choose, we will give you the reasons to go to Walker Bay.

The best time to do this excursion is the one that coincides with winter and spring in South Africa. Why? Because it is at this time when thousands of whales prowl the coasts.

One of the best places to see these fantastic animals is Walker Bay. That does not mean that the rest of the year is not worth approaching this place. Quite the contrary! We want to tell you everything that awaits you there.

The beaches of Walker Bay and the Atlantic Ocean

Beach in Hermanus

For example, if you take this excursion to Walker Bay from Cape Town in the summer, Up to 22 kilometers of beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean await us.


Although it is sometimes said that the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean meet at the Cape of Good Hope. The truth is that this happens a little further south, at Cape Agujas. And Walker Bay is before it gets to that point.

Walker Bay is located about 120 kilometers southeast of Cape Town, and it takes about an hour and a half to get there. Indeed, If you are a surf lover, in Walker Bay you will find the ideal waves to practice your favorite sport.

The town of Hermanus

Whale off the coast of Hermanus

Well, if you visit the Walker Bay Nature Reserve in summer, it will be impossible not to go to the tourist town of Hermanus. A place full of tourist establishments. And this place is alive all year round, since it is very common to visit Hermanus in winter.

We have already advanced the reason. There an exceptional event occurs: from the mainland it is possible to see humpback whales. You can see them a few meters from the coast.

Although it is true that it is advisable to see them from the promenade, it is also it is very interesting to take a boat and sail out to sea. In this way, the majesty of these gigantic aquatic mammals can be appreciated much better.

And finally, there is another highly sought after option to see the whales in Walker Bay. Some people hire a plane to fly over the waters and contemplate these animals from above.

More marine fauna

Stone Point

Whales aren’t the only marine animals to see on a trip to Walker Bay. There are other sightings that are equally shocking and sympathetic. For example, mention must be made of the penguins at Stone Point.

But excursions in search of stronger sensations are more famous. From Hermanus you can embark to sail to places where there are sharks. There, there are those who dare to dive inside a cage to see the huge sharks prowling a few feet away.

In mainland

Walker Bay

Back on the mainland, Walker Bay and towns such as De Kelders or Hermanus, offer numerous attractions. Especially the latter, with its very long promenade and its museum dedicated to its origins as a fishing village.

Also, you can always undertake hiking excursions through a privileged nature. The beaches are ideal for walking and discovering dune areas. Or if you prefer, you can go into the forests that close these sandbanks. This Walker Bay Nature Reserve includes both land and sea territory.

The natural wealth of South Africa

In short, for those who spend a few days on vacation in Cape Town and want to disconnect, the getaway to Walker Bay is a good option. Although it is true that the nature reserves in the vicinity of the big city are many.

In this sense, mention should be made of the Cape of Good Hope. Also other reserves almost neighboring the Walker Bay, such as the Fernkloof or Kogelberg reserves. You choose!

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