Walking through Miravet, a town overlooking the Ebro

Miravet is a small municipality that is located in the province of Tarragona. It is located on a small hill and is crowned by an impressive medieval castle. It is a town that overlooks the waters of the Ebro River and is considered one of the most beautiful in this Catalan province. Will you join us to meet him?

Walking through the streets of Miravet

Miravet is a town of medieval urbanism, with winding streets to get lost in, intimate spaces and stone houses. It is a town closely linked to the castle and the Ebro river. From what you will see, almost all points of interest are close to them.

We recommend that you go to see the Old Mill, the Commander’s Palace, the Motxi portal or the Sanaqueta viewpoint. Of course, you should enjoy its architecture and history as you walk up to the castle.

What to see in Miravet

1. The castle

It is a fortress of Islamic origin which was conquered by King Ramón Berenguer IV. He handed it over to the Order of the Temple and it was converted into a castle-convent. It is an Asset of Cultural Interest that, although it retains some of its Muslim essence, was extensively remodeled. Today the Cistercian style predominates with certain touches of Byzantine and Islamic arts.

It is considered one of the best examples of Templar castles and throughout the visit you will be able to discover how the knights of the Order lived. It consists of rooms, warehouse, cellar, church, kitchen and parade ground.


It had continuous use over time due to its strategic location. Thus, it was occupied during the Carlist wars. It was also affected during the Civil War, since Miravet was one of the scenes of the Battle of the Ebro.

2. The old church

It is a church built on the foundations of the main mosque of the Islamic Miravet and built in the 16th century in the Renaissance style. It is a temple that suffered greatly during the Civil War and that at the time of restoration was deconsecrated to make a multipurpose room.

Inside you can enjoy some of the treasures of this land, such as the Templar Ara, remains of mural paintings or even vestiges of the old aljama mosque. In addition, it hosts a beautiful exhibition by the painter Joaquín Mir on this medieval town.

3. The jetty

One of the most beautiful points of Miravet is its pier. On the banks of the Ebro river you can see the castle and the oldest area of ​​this Tarragona town. It is a luxury for the senses where you can take one of the most famous photos of this beautiful town.

4. Cherry Festival

It is a tradition that is celebrated on the second Sunday of July. It is a festival that pays tribute to this fruit that is grown in the fields of Miravet and that makes the town fill with music and color. In the Plaza del Arenal a market is set up and you can watch the fun cherry pit throwing contest.

How to get to Miravet crossing the Ebro

Before we talked about the pier. As well, If you want to get to Miravet in a different way, you can do it crossing the Ebro in a barge. It is the last original ferry on the entire river that still operates without a motor. It is a wooden boat that, taking advantage of the current of the river, takes you to the outskirts of the town. You can also upload the car.

By the way, already in the village, do not resist taking a souvenir in the form of ceramics. Miravet is famous for its ancestral pottery tradition, a trade that has been passed down generation after generation and that is one of the town’s main drivers of development. You can take home some cadufo, jug, pitcher or botijo ​​of Muslim tradition.

And in addition to buying its beautiful ceramics, you can see the workshops that are still preserved in the Raval dels Canterers or book by appointment to be able to do some of the activities that they prepare for visitors. There are about eight traditional potteries where you can check the mastery with which they work the clay.

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