Wangfujing Street (Bug Street) Where to eat in Beijing

Wangfujing street, different

the full heart of Beijing (Peking) we find one of the most popular areas and visited in the Chinese capital, both by tourists and locals. Known as the Peking Bug Street, the street wangfujing street and its surroundings, have become the authentic sensation of the nights pekingese

Starfish Dishes

Its hundreds of posts exotic food” they attract as if it were a magnet, to thousands of people that circulate in all directions, gaping, with what they see. It is a must What to see in Beijing in two days.

Scorpions on a skewer

Scorpions on a skewer

These food stops, have the peculiarity of , offer the diner a series of platesfor nothing usual and that can hurt the sensitivity of more than one.

insectsWhat worms, cockroaches, ants etc.. are part of the menu offered wangfujing street to which we can add succulent snacks, such as scorpions, starfish or viscera... among many others.

baked chicks

baked chicks

In addition, they could not miss, some of the most common components of Chinese cuisine in the wangfujing street pekingWhat noodles, tofu, mushrooms and all kinds of meat on skewers What chicken, beef, pork, jak and some others, better not to know.

Dishes of all kinds

Dishes of all kinds

bustling every night, this peculiar market, is a must see during a stay in the capital of China not only for his curious delicacies, but also for being the most popular night market in the city.

In the adjoining streets, we find souvenir shops, bars and restaurants and a good assortment of local fast food, which unfortunately are spreading rapidly throughout Beijing.




[fresh_alert color=»yellow»]This area is excessively crowded and is a paradise for pickpockets.

You have to be very careful, because in this area, it is the most common crime. [/fresh_alert]

How to get to Wangfujing Street

The best way to access the Mercado de los Bichos is to do it in Meter.

The stop has the same name as the street Wangfujing and is located in the Subway line 1 what is the of Red color , right next to Tian’anmen West.

From the station, we only have to walk a few 2 minutes to the center of the street.

The Wangfujing Street market starts working every day from 19 hours.

Chinese gastronomy, always so curious and unique, is present here and is postulated as a good enclave where to eat in beijing

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