We are going to visit the red light district of Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands has a unique corner that we cannot find anywhere else. Located in the center, Amsterdam’s Red Light District owes its name to the lights and neons that adorn the shop windowsshop windows in which prostitutes are displayed.

History of the Red Light District in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Red Light District street

Today, the Red Light District of Amsterdam is one of the most visited areas of the city, partly because of its history and partly because of the curiosity aroused by its shop windows and the activity that takes place in these premises. Such is the number of tourists who visit the area every day that even group visits have had to be regulated.

The neighborhood is located in the center, in one of the oldest areas of Amsterdam. In fact, the buildings in which the neighborhood was established were fishermen’s houses, since the old city dam was located here.

His relationship with prostitution is old. Already in the 17th century, the neighborhood was a place where prostitution businesses were frequented. But It was in 1911 when the legality of this activity was recognized.

Since then, the Red Light District was consolidated as the neighborhood of the pleasure of the forbidden. Its red lights and neons illuminate shop windows (about 400) where clients can see the prostitutes exhibit themselves and access their services.

beyond the lights


In addition to all the things that make this neighborhood special, it is still located in the historic center of the city. Therefore, it is part of most tourist routes. Here you will find the Oude Kerk, the oldest building in Amsterdamor even the Amsterlkring museum.

However, the Warmoestraat street is the best known. It is dotted with bars, pubs, restaurants and prostitution establishments. Around it, there are some beautiful canals with trees through which you can walk quietly.

In the end, It is still 400 meters from the famous Dam Square and the Nieuwe Kerk, other jewels of the city. You can visit regardless of age, something that does not happen, for example, with the Reeperbahn neighborhood in Hamburg, where minors cannot pass.

Why visit the Red Light District in Amsterdam?

Showcase in the Red Light District

If you are not sure if you should visit this place or not, you should know that prostitution, being legalized, is more than normalized in the country. Nothing strange will happen if you walk through its streets. It is still a picturesque and special place that is not usually found anywhere else and more so naturally…

The prostitutes do not stop contributing with their taxes, so the businesses are common and it is like going out for a nightclub in any other city. Definitely, a neighborhood of all kinds of atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else.

Tips for visiting the neighborhood

red light district

We anticipated that the city council had made the decision to control group visits to the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Not only that, to guarantee the privacy of women, it is forbidden to photograph the shop windowsin fact, is penalized.

They are also not allowed tours consent to the use of drugs and alcohol. In this way, it is hoped to stop the agglomerations of visitors that were produced in the neighborhood and avoid problems with neighbors, merchants and workers. In short, measures to promote respect in the neighborhood.


“Amsterdam is not a city of sin: it is a city of freedom.”

-John Green-

So far all the details that may interest you about the mythical Red Light District of Amsterdam. A place full of passionate history that does not come in the books. We recommend you take a walk there at night and experience with your own eyes (remember, no cameras) something you won’t be able to see anywhere else.

doAre you ready to fall in love with Amsterdam? and the Netherlands in general? It is an open country full of attractions that deserves a visit.

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