We propose a visit to Chicago for three days

Sometimes, Visiting Chicago is thought of as just a must stop among other North American destinations, and even from Asia. However, nothing is further from reality. This megacity on the shores of the enormous Lake Michigan is one of the most attractive that can be visited on a trip to the United States. So if you have a chance, go to Chicago.

Plan for the visit to Chicago

As we said before, visiting Chicago can offer us endless interesting places, beautiful and unique. So many that you have to be realistic and recognize that you won’t be able to enjoy them all in depth with a single trip.

To this we must add our idea that you should always travel with a point of calm. There is no need to rush or stress. Traveling must be a pleasure. Therefore, here We propose a visit plan to Chicago for three days.

Three days, but without overwhelming, enjoying each of the sites and places that we will visit. We will enjoy the city so much that we will want to return another time.

Day 1 in Chicago

For the first day of the visit to Chicago We recommend getting up a little early and going to Millennium Park. If you get up early you will enjoy it with fewer people, since it is one of the great attractions of the city.

going soon you can take the most typical photo under The Cloud Gatein the shape of a huge open bean made of polished steel, in which we all want to immortalize ourselves deformed.

After that, we can already see other interesting places in Millennium Park, such as the Crown fountain, programmed to project faces of Chicagoans. And, of course, you have to go to the Jay Pritzker pavilion, where it is not uncommon to have free concerts.

Very close to the Millennium Park there is a world-renowned place, it is the Art Institute of Chicago. It is one of the best museums in the world, where works by Van Gogh, Degas, Picasso or Kandinsky are kept. A site where art lovers can spend hours, but we recommend you make a selection to do more today.

At the exit, yours will be to take a quiet walk along the Magnificent Mile. One mile, that is, almost two kilometers of street with the most exclusive and also most popular shops. A place that you must know, to enjoy its animation, the restaurants that are in the vicinity and to buy souvenirs of your visit to Chicago.

Day 2 in Chicago

The second day may be the most remembered of the visit to Chicago in the case of making the trip with children. To begin with, because in the morning we will go to Navy Piera former military wharf during World War I that is now a fun amusement park.

For the little ones it will be essential to have a good time in this place. Y it is possible to complement it later by taking a boat right there to take us around the lake to contemplate the spectacular skyline from the city.

Back on the streets of Chicago We recommend two essential visits for movie buffs. One must be Union Stationa beautiful building in itself, but also recognizable for being the scene of a famous sequence of The immortalsby Elliot Ness.

The other place is the Chicago Theateralso full of history and cinema, having been used in the Oscar-winning film Chicago. Intense is the second day of visit in Chicago, right?

The brooch to the day can be put strolling at sunset in a water taxi among the skyscrapers of the city. A most impressive activity.

Day 3 in Chicago

Our last day of visiting Chicago will begin at the Field Museum or Museum of Natural History. A place that will also fascinate children, especially its rooms dedicated to animals and dinosaurs. Inside there is much to see and also many workshops to do.

But seize the day and step outside for one last walk through the heart of the citywalking down Michigan Avenue and crossing the charismatic DuSable Bridge.

And when you get tired of walking, visit the Sheed Aquarium. Today it is no longer the largest aquarium in the world, but it is still fascinating for young and old. A unique end of visit to Chicago.

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