We tell you what the weather is like in Marrakech

Are you thinking of traveling to Marrakech? Due to its geographical location, it is one of the places where it is rarely cold. The reason? Its proximity to the mountain and the fact of being in the Sahara desert. Even so, there are large variations between seasons. We explain what the weather is like in Marrakech to help you organize your trip. Let’s go!

This is the climate of Marrakech

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Marrakech has a semi-arid climate, typical of the places that surround the great deserts, as is the Sahara. Its winters are mild and wet, while the summers are hot and dry. As for temperatures, on average they are around 12ºC in winter, while in summer it is not uncommon to exceed 40ºC.

Precipitation is similar to that of Mediterranean climates, but with a variation: the desert influence. Both this and the proximity to the Atlas Mountains cause a decrease in rainfall and the region is dry, but not as dry as a desert.

The weather in Marrakesh station by station

1. Marrakesh in spring

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Along with autumn, it is one of the best seasons to travel to Marrakech. Specifically, March and April. During these months the temperatures are bearable. Although they can be somewhat high during the day (between 15 and 18ºC), at night they are more pleasant (about 10ºC). Ideal for walking around the city.

Also, It is a season in which you can find offers at a good price to travel. As long as you organize it with time. However, during the spring there may be some rainy days, so be careful! Go prepared.

2. Marrakesh in summer

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The weather in Marrakech in summer is characterized by being especially hot. It is, therefore, one of the toughest seasons both here and in all of Morocco. The average temperature is about 36 degrees maximum average and about 20 degrees minimum average.


The desert influence greatly affects the climate, so it is recommended to go well hydrated. Rainfall is also unlikely, so the place dries out and the heat is more unbearable.

Therefore, summer is not exactly the high season in Marrakech. In fact, its citizens often go to the beaches of the Mediterranean or the Atlantic to cool off.

3. Marrakesh in Autumn

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The weather in Marrakech is mild again, with an average maximum of 25ºC and a minimum of 15ºC. It is, therefore, one of the best times to travel. Also, is far from the month of Muslim Ramadan. We take this opportunity to tell you that during this time, it is highly inadvisable to travel to Marrakech.

Ramadan is a period in the Muslim calendar in which practitioners fast daily from sunrise to sunset. A time when it is possible to find closed establishments.

Ramadan does not have a fixed date, as it is governed by a lunar calendar. It usually occurs in the spring or summer, so in autumn it will already be over and you won’t have any problem with the establishments, nor with the markets of Marrakech, where exclusive products are put up for sale that you will not find anywhere else.

4. Marrakesh in winter

Oukaimeden Mountains–Asebbane Mehdi

During the winter, temperatures in Marrakech drop to an average of 12ºC. Rainfall is usually heavier at this time.. They occur in the form of rain.

Instead, in the African Atlas it usually snows, so during the winter you can enjoy wonderful views of the snowy mountain tops. Ideal landscape to enjoy a dinner in a restaurant with the Atlas in the background. The clear sky and the African sun make the snow shine in the distance, and the scenery is even more beautiful.

These are the different characteristics of the weather in Marrakech. As you have seen, summer, although it is the preferred period to travel, in Marrakech is hard. If you can, better travel in spring or fall. You will probably end up thanking it over time.

Still, there is no doubt that Marrakech is an ideal destination where to lose yourself for a weekend: culture, nature and gastronomy merge in a dream city between desert and mountains. Get to know the city!

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