We visit some of the most beautiful villages in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful place to enjoy nature, blue waters, unparalleled cliffs and also beautiful towns that you should know. Today we want you to join us on a tour that you will love, we are going to discover authentic fairytale villages in Ireland.

The towns of ireland more beautiful

Ireland is a country that holds beauty everywhere and, Although we take you to some of its most beautiful towns, it does not mean that they are the only ones. However, we are sure that these will leave you speechless:

1. Kinsale

Kinsale – Andrei Nekrassov /

If there is a town that keeps the authentic Irish essence that is Kinsale. There you will not only find a small town that seems to have come out of a crystal ball in which it snows when it moves, but you will also see the typical redheads and maybe even the odd goblin…


“All trips have secret destinations about which the traveler knows nothing.”

Martin Buber-

2. Adore

Adare–Maciek A

For many, the most beautiful village in Ireland. Its beautiful country houses, with thatched roofs, white wooden windows and decorated with flowers will give you an incredible welcome.

However, you will soon notice that there is something more. And it is that in this small town there are also monuments of interest, such as the Church of the Holy Trinity or the Abbey of the Augustinians. All this in the midst of a natural environment of green colors that will fascinate you.

3. Institute

Another of Ireland’s country townsof white houses, with green meadows and a gray stone bridge that crosses a beautiful deep blue river.

A mixture of elements and colors that create a harmony that you will not be able to find anywhere else. This town is known for its vintage-style shops, a very fashionable style, so entertaining will not be a problem. Also do not miss seeing a beautiful mansion that, although abandoned, has some strange plants that will not go unnoticed.


Kilkenny Castle – Panaspics

If you were looking for one of those towns in Ireland that looks like something out of medieval times, you just found it. It is special because the whole town is built in marble, which gives a special charm to its streets.

Besides, the city ​​has an impressive castle and a cathedral, that of Saint Cainice, which are essential visits.


An ideal place to enjoy unique views due to its location on a precipice. And also to make it from the best Irish beer, since According to travelers here are the best Irish pubs. Its castle is an extra addition so that you do not miss visiting this beautiful town that will not leave you indifferent.



This is a beautiful seaside town that was banned from doing business in it. They wanted her to remain a virgin and to this day the only thing that can be seen near its beaches are its little houses of different colors that give a fun touch to the area.

Due to its strategic location, has managed to stay thanks to its unique beauty and its typical shops that still keep the charm and beauty of yesteryear.

7. Carlingford

Carlingford–Ian Barnes

A beautiful medieval town, bathed by the sea and with green pastures throughout the area that will make you feel relaxed and amazed at its splendid views.

However, the interior of the town is full of attractions, such as the main street, Thosel. A cobbled street and repel arches and armor everywhere. In addition, it is the main step to reach other historical monuments of great interest such as the King Juan Castle, the Gatillo de Teaffe or its walls.


A small town in Dublin that is considered a bedroom town. However, unlike those we know, this is a stately one in which a castle rises that seems to dominate the area and that permeates the air with its influence as it can be seen from anywhere in the place. Its perfectly built houses and its beautiful port do not clash in the least with the landscape.

These are some of the most beautiful villages in Ireland, some visited by many and others secret by some. Do you dare to discover them in your next days off?

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