We visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris

The Sacred Heart of Paris, or simply Sacré Coeur, is one of the most visited monuments in the French capital. In many cases only outside, from a privileged location on the Montmartre hill. But it is also worth discovering inside. We are going to talk about all this, its exterior, its interior, its history, its beauty and its magic below.

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, an essential appointment

The truth is that you can mention many places in Paris that would be an essential date in any other city in the world. But among the best of the best, without a doubt, is the Sacred Heart Parisian.

We are talking about a raised basilica in one of the highest points of the city and in one of its most bohemian neighborhoods. For that reason, it is one of those places that cannot be missed on any trip to Paris, and even more so if it is a romantic getaway.

The view from the Sacré Coeur

Few places in the French capital offer views similar to those from the basilica’s staircase. Perhaps the Eiffel Tower or the modern Montaparnasse tower. But in neither case can you enjoy so much time, with much less hassle and, of course, much cheaper.

To get up there you can walk and taking a pleasant walk from the nearby Pigalle or Abesses metro stops or from the bus stops at the very base of the hill.

Going up the streets of the neighborhood or up the stairs to the facade of the Sacred Heart of Paris is a pleasure, despite the ascent of 200 steps. But if you are very tired or have mobility problems, you can also you can choose to ascend the Montmartre funicular.

The history of the Sacred Heart of Paris

The truth is that if we talk about churches in the capital of France, it is inevitable to think of Notre Dame Cathedral on the banks of the Seine. Well, after that great Gothic temple, surely the second most special of the rest of the churches is the Sacred Heart of Paris. Something curious, considering that It is not, far from it, one of the oldest temples in the city.

In fact, the history of this basilica begins in the last quarter of the 19th century, when the city decided to build a temple to somehow forget a rather disastrous century for the city. So, counting on the donations of wealthy Parisians, this temple was built, which it was not opened to the public until after World War I, in 1919.

A white neo-Byzantine church

The appearance of the Sacré Coeur is completely different from other historic churches in Paris. In fact, the extraordinary white color of the calcite-rich travertine stone with which it was built or its domes and the shapes that recall Byzantine architecture.

This is a fact that would relate this basilica to other distant temples in France, such as Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille, in the south of the country and which also rises on a hill.

a free visit

The number of visits to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris is incessant. Y surprisingly, access to its interior is free. So without paying a single euro you can see the impressive mosaic that covers your headboard. Or you can dwarf yourself under the large dimensions of its central dome or admire the equestrian statues of Joan of Arc and Louis IX at the entrance.

However, if you want to climb to the top of that dome you will have to pay for it. And the same goes for those who wish to descend to its crypt, where various sculptures and relics related to the Sacred Heart await us.

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