We visit the impressive Parliament of Budapest

On your trip to the capital of Hungary, nothing can prepare you for the majesty of one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The Parliament of Budapest is its most representative building and the third largest in the world. It is located in front of the Danube, in a location that highlights its great architectural beauty. It has thus become an essential visit in the city.

The Budapest Parliament, a magnificent work

The Parliament of Budapest is one of the main attractions of Hungary and one of the most beautiful in the world. It is located in Pest, on the banks of the river Danube and in front of the Royal Palace, that rises on the hill of Buddha. Its location is loaded with symbolism, as it represents a counterweight to the Hungarian monarchy.

Budapest Parliament – ​​Brian Kinney

Shortly after Budapest was founded with the union of the cities of Buda, Óbuda and Pest, the National Assembly resolved to set up a national parliament to represent the sovereignty of the Hungarian people. Construction began in 1884 to celebrate the country’s thousand years of history and finished in 1904. It was the largest work of its time, demonstrating the economic power that Hungary had then.

Spectacular in all respects

Neo-Gothic in style and with impressive symmetry, It is 268 meters long by 118 meters wide. Inside it houses 691 rooms, 10 patios, 27 doors, 13 elevators for passengers and 29 stairs. Furthermore, its height of 96 meters makes it one of the tallest buildings in Budapest.

It is decorated with marble and gold and numerous works of art. Among his jewels stands out the crown and the scepter of King Stephen I, the first king of Hungary. These are located in a room under the central dome.

Visiting the Budapest Parliament

1. Main staircase

Parliament Staircase by Szasz-Fabian Jozsef

The main staircase of the Parliament is the first thing that impresses visitors. Is about a huge renaissance style staircasequite ornate and bordered by two lions.

On the ceiling you can see paintings made by Károly Lotz and on the central landing there is a bust of its creator, the architect Imre Steindl, designer of the building.

2. Dome Room

The stairs lead to the Dome Room, where you can see the interior of the dome and 16 statues of various heroes ranging from Saint Stephen, the first king of Hungary, to Leopold II. Some of San Esteban’s belongings can be seen on display, among which his crown stands out.

3. The Upper House and the Council of Deputies

Council Room – Jon Chica

The Upper House is located in the central hall and it is an impressive hexadecagonal construction. It has several allegorical statues to agriculture and industry.

Also the paintings on the ceiling are very strikingwhich represent characters from the country’s history such as Könyves Kálmán, Saint Ladislaus, King Matthias, Saint Stephen or Louis the Great.

The Council of Deputies It is a room equal to the Upper House. It is the place where the seats of the Hungarian deputies are located and where the National Assembly is currently held.

4. Parliament Square

Exterior of the Parliament – ​​In Green

The Parliament of Budapest has a beautiful square. In it you can see the statues of the heroes of the Hungarian independence Ferenc Rákóczi II and Lajos Kossuth. Here is also the gray granite monument with the eternal flame in homage to the victims of the 1956 Revolution.


“Travel is the traveler. What we see is not what we see, but what we are.”

-Fernando Pessoa-

The best views of the Budapest Parliament

View from Buddha Hill- Emma Zhang

In addition to all the beauty of its façade and interior, it is essential to admire this magnificent building from a distance. There are two main options, one of them is from Buddha, walking along the riverbank until you reach the Fishermen’s Bastion. The views of the Parliament are really impressive.

The other option is any of the many cruise ships that ply the Danube, from where you will have wonderful views. If you decide to do it at night, you won’t regret it. The image of the illuminated Parliament is something that will stay in your mind for a long time.

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