We visit the State Museum of Russian History

Located on the Red Square in Moscow, the State Museum of Russian History allows us to learn about the evolution of this country. A magnificent building that houses collections of all kinds of objects from the Paleolithic to practically the present day. We want to visit it to show you all the treasures it keeps, will you join us?

The history of State Museum of Russian History

The museum was founded thanks to the imposition of the Russian Scientific Societywhich intended to spread Russian culture and build a place that would house important historical documents of the country and other treasures.

Main facade – jimmyweee/

The place chosen for its construction was the one that occupied the headquarters of the Main Medicine Store. It was a building built at the time of Peter I the Great where different pieces of art from the tsar’s personal collection were kept. Some of its rooms, in addition, were occupied by the State University of Moscow.

Work on the new building began in 1875 and lasted until 1881. An eye-catching building for many reasons. In the first place, because of the red color of its facades. Second, because of its dimensions. And, thirdly, for the particular neo-Russian style of its design.

the inside of the building

Decorative frescoes – Shakko /

But if the exterior is spectacular, the interior of the building is no less so. Some of its rooms are decorated in an elegant but ornate way, an ostentatious display of Russian romanticism. Of the decoration, precisely, recognized Russian artists of the time took charge.

Its interior is full of domes, frescoes, statues and showcases with bronze carvings and other luxurious materials. The reddish tone continues to remain one of the main protagonists in its interior.

What to see inside the State Museum of Russian History

Gold Box – shakko/

Over the years the museum funds have been enriched and today it keeps millions of pieces, some of great value, like many of the works of art that the tsars were acquiring for centuries. It has also been receiving private contributions, so its rooms house very varied collections.

Today, in it it is possible to see from pieces found in archaeological sites to manuscripts, old icons, furniture, jewelry, weapons and even typical costumes of the country. You can also see some personal objects that belonged to Russian monarchs, including Ivan the Terrible or Peter the Great.

It also displays an extensive collection of paintings composed of oils, watercolors and engravings. The collection of portraits of politicians stands out, not only Russians, there are also foreigners.

some curious pieces

Manuscript – Shakko/

Among the pieces that make up the funds of this museum there are some really curious or significant. Between them, you can see a barge coming from the banks of the Volga River. There are also interesting manuscripts from the 6th to 12th centuries and countless pieces of traditional Russian pottery.

In addition to all this, the museum keeps a spectacular collection of coins, Composed of 1.7 million pieces. It is, in this way, the largest collection in the country.

So as not to miss anything, it is possible to make the visit with an audio guide, that will explain to you the importance of the most important documents and objects that are exhibited inside the State Museum of Russian History.

Moscow Red Square

Red Square, Moscow – Baturina Yuliya

We cannot leave the State Museum of Russian History without making a brief reference to the place where it is located: Red Square. It is a spectacular space 330 meters long by 70 wide in which you can admire some of the most representative buildings of the city, in addition to the museum.

To the west you can see the Kremlin with its government buildings and its cathedrals. To the south is the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, to the west the Lenin Mausoleum and on another of its sides are the spectacular GUM Warehouses.


“Travel is fatal to prejudice, intolerance and narrow-mindedness.”

-Mark Twain-

As you see, visiting the State Museum of Russian History is an excellent idea for your next trip to the city, since when you do it you will have many other things to see around it. Do not miss this opportunity!

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