We visited Quesada, birthplace of the painter Rafael Zabaleta

Quesada is a small municipality in the province of Jaén which is located in the region of Alto Guadalquivir, in the area of ​​Sierra de Carzorla, Segura and Las Villas. With ancestral history and the cradle of artists, in it you can see a neighborhood of Muslim origin, visit the museum of the painter Zabaleta or see its impressive olive groves from the top of the town.

Occupied since prehistory, would become more important during the Roman Empire and al-Andalus, a place through which the various civilizations that have passed left their mark. We visited a perfect place for a rural weekend getaway. Will you join us to tour it?

What to see in Quesada

In its territory there are vestiges of cave paintingsremains of an important Roman villa, an urban framework of Muslim origin and a beautiful church located on top of it.

1. The Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

It is located in the Plaza de la Lonja, in one of the highest points of the town. Nearby is the viewpoint of La Baranda, which flies over the olive grove landscape of this town in Jaén. The temple dates from the 15th century, although it was extensively remodeled in the 18th century.

It is located in the place that must have occupied the old main mosque from the town and has a Latin cross plan divided into three naves. The oldest parts are those corresponding to the tower and the chapel that it keeps inside. In them you can see Gothic vestiges and remains of old buildings. In addition, the enormous wooden footings that support the structure of the choir stand out.

2. Arches of La Manquita de Utrera and Los Santos

One of the most beautiful and oldest areas of Quesada is a small group of narrow streets with a medieval configuration that are accessed through the arches of Los Santos and La Manquita de Utrera. They are Gothic arches dating from the 14th century and that they must have formed part of the walled enclosure of the old town.

Walking through this neighborhood you will see some examples of vernacular architecture and corners full of pots with colorful flowers.

3. Constitution and Coronation Squares

They are the most open spaces you will find in Quesada, since its urban planning is medieval and the streets are narrow. In the first you will find a landscaped area. Meanwhile, in the Plaza de la Coronación, where you will find the tourist office. There is an interpretation center on Quesada.

4. Zabaleta and Miguel Hernández-Josefina Manresa Museums

The Zabaleta Museum is an art gallery dedicated to displaying the work of the painter Rafael Zabaleta. It contains the largest collection of works by this expressionist-style painter. It is a museum in which you can recreate yourself in all its rooms and contemplate one of the best artists of the country of the 20th century.

On the ground floor of this museum is the Miguel Hernández-Josefina Manresa Museum. It is a center dedicated to valuing the poet’s work in the hometown of his wife. In it you can see the typewriter with which he captured on paper works as important as the Lullaby of the onion or the suitcase that accompanied them on their travels.

Thus, this place is formed as a unique space in which painting and writing are perfectly combined. The museum is located in the Cesáreo Rodríguez-Aguilera square. Y can be visited from Wednesday to Sunday starting at 10 in the morning.

5. Roman ruins of Bruñel

In the vicinity of Quesada is the village of Bruñel. There is a Roman villa in which there is a mansion and an agricultural dwelling dating from the 2nd century.. A complex that burned down in the 5th century and began to be excavated in 1924.

The most interesting remains were found in it, such as furniture, personal objects, anthropomorphic figures, funerary steles and a lead children’s sarcophagus. But what is most striking is the precious mosaic dedicated to the goddess Thetis. A perfect place to learn about the configuration of a Roman villa in a rural setting.

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