We visited the Angel of Independence of Mexico

The Angel of Independence of Mexico is one of the most important tourist attractions in the country’s capital, Mexico City. Its history, its architecture and its grandeur make it an icon. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, remember to visit this monument, it will be an unforgettable moment.

The Angel of Independence of Mexico

The Angel of Independence is a key place and one of the most beautiful in the Mexican capital. It was built with the aim of commemorating the centenary of the Independence of Mexico. Its inauguration took place in 1910, during the presidency of Porfirio Díaz.

This magnificent monument is located in the heart of Paseo de la Reforma. It is an imposing column that leaves one breathless, due to its height (95 meters) and the beauty of the statue that crowns it.

We are going to travel to Mexico City to discover some of the curiosities of this monument. Also, the story behind the Angel of Independence is very importantbasic to learn more about the city.

History of the Angel of Independence of Mexico

In the foundations of the monument there is a golden chest that keeps the Declaration of Independence and some coins of the time. President Porfirio Díaz decided to keep said act there after having placed the first stone as a symbol to start construction.

Also, inside the monument lay the remains of the country’s independence heroes. In this way, entering it we find their engraved names: Miguel Hidalgo, Ignacio Allende, Jose María Morelos, Mariano Matamoros and Vicente Guerrero, among others.

However, the remains were exhumed in 2010. The heroes were transferred to the National Museum of History and later to the National Palace to be publicly honored and properly preserved.

the plinth

The pedestal of the Angel of Independence of Mexico is adorned with various figures. In the eastern part you can see Apotheosis of the Father of the Nation. Thus, we find the priest Miguel Hidalgo with a Mexican flag, to the south the muse of history and to the north the Homeland giving Hidalgo a laurel wreath.

In addition, on the square base of the pedestal there are statues at a lower level. In every corner we can see heroes of Mexican independence. Throughout the composition of the Angel of Independence we find laurel and oak leaves, as they represent victory and strength.

On the other hand, we can see a sculpture of a lion led by a little genius on a rest of the pedestal. The edge of the pedestal features four figures: Peace, War, Justice and Law.

The Winged Victory

The Winged Victory is the fundamental part of the Angel of Independence of Mexico. In addition, the face of the angel indicates some of the most important places in the country, since it is oriented towards the center of the city. The Winged Victory statue it is made of bronze and covered with a 24 carat gold plate.

With its wings open, the figure is in an attitude of flight, and holding a broken chain in its left arm symbolizes the break with Spanish politics.

The spine

The column of the Angel of Independence is in charge of holding the incredible Winged Victory, the most fascinating part of the monument. Also, Under the golden figure we find access to a terrace with incredible views. On the other hand, we can see a capital composed of four sculpted eagles that support the viewpoint.

The column is 2.90 meters in diameter and its sides are decorated with carved floral garlands and medallions. In addition, in the lower part of the column we find two crowns of a magnificent composition.

In short, a visit to this incredible monument will be one of the best moments of a trip to Mexico City. Knowing its history will help you better understand some other jewels that you can visit on your tour of the city.

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