We visited the Harry Potter studios in London

If you are a fan of Harry Potter and want to delve into the magical world of the best-known fantasy saga in history, this is your place. Warner Studios of Harry Potter will allow you to enjoy a great day surrounded by magic.

If you want to know more about this incredible place, we give you more details (but not all) so that you have even more desire to visit these studios on your trip to London. Do not miss it!

The Harry Potter studio sets

Set in the studios – Martin Pettitt /

It’s hard to describe what it feels like when the great doors open and the Great Hall appears, just as it appears in the movies. Or when you cross platform 9 and 3/4 and get on the express that will take you to Hogwarts.

Here you will be fully immersed in the fantastic world of Harry Potter. The terror of the Forbidden Forest, walking through Diagon Alley to buy your wand, the night bus or the house on Privet Drive are some of the sets of the film that you can see during your visit.


In addition to the decorations, you will also find props that were used in the recordings, such as Professor Snape’s potions class or Dolores Umbridge’s office.


Changing Rooms- Mauricio Frías –

Throughout the tour of the studios you can also see the costumes. They are costumes used throughout the ten years it took to record the films.

It is very striking to see the evolution of the size of the clothes in the three protagonists of the film. It’s also interesting to see first-hand the Yule Ball costumes, Quidditch gear and much more clothing from prominent characters.

Special effects

An essential part of these films were the special effects. Throughout the visit You will be able to know how the magic of the saga was created. You’ll even have the chance to fly over Hogwarts Castle yourself and pick up the broom from the ground with a simple phrase.

Within these special effects, also you will be able to know how some of the creatures were designed that appear in the different movies. A job made possible by computers.

Information to keep in mind

After you’ve read all that the amazing tour of Harry Potter offers, surely you are looking forward to going. So, We leave you a series of information so that your visit is much more organized and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Situation of the Warner Bros studios

Decorated – Lee /

The studios are located 32 kilometers north-west of London.. You will have the possibility to travel in your own vehicle by road. In that case, presenting the reservation of the tickets you will be able to park in the parking for free.

But you can also go by train or bus. The nearest train station to the studios is Watford Junction. To get there, you can take two direct trains: one from London Euston, with a journey time of 20 minutes, and another from Birmingham New Street, with a journey time of one hour.

Besides, there is a bus line that offers a direct route. The bus to the studios leaves from Watford Junction every 15 minutes. It is priced at £2.50 return and its exterior is decorated with images from the film, so you feel inside it from the first minute.

ticket collection

Hogwarts model – Lee /

Although there is the option of taking the tickets with you before entering. However, this supposes a small increase in the price of these.

So, another option is to go to school with a e-mail reservation confirmation. This email will not be valid to access the tourbut you must show it at the ticket offices so that they give you the tickets.

It is also important to know that, unlike other visits, here entry is not allowed if you do not have a reservation in advance. And you have to be in the studios 30 minutes before the time the tickets show you.

opening hours

Great Hall – Dave Catchpole /

Opening hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.although the first visit does not start until 9. Keep in mind that the last bus we were talking about leaves the studios at 10 at night and the first at 8:15.

If you have a chance, we advise you to start the tour as soon as possible, there will be fewer people. The approximate duration of the visit is about 4 hours. But it all depends on the rhythm you have and the number of people there are.

Definitely, the visit to the studios is full of surprises and magic at every step you take. Here, we have revealed some of these wonderful studies, the rest is up to you to discover it.

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