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Weird People – A professor who loves the old west

A lover of old west movies, the professor often chatted with his students about the complicated plots of the characters of the feared old west, to such an extent that he made representations and most notably put to the test a theory that he himself had thought… ended up “killing” his students. Who was this?gallant” professor? His name was Niels Bohr.

One of his colleagues, George Gamow, in his book “Thirty Years That Shocked Physics” recalls: “In the afternoon, work in the Institute library was often interrupted by Bohr, who would say that he was very tired and wanted to go to watch movies. The only movies he liked were Wild West ones, and he always needed a couple of his students to go with him to chat about the intricate plots involving hostile Indians, brave cowboys, outlaws, sheriffs, waitresses, gold prospectors, and others. characters from the old west.

He was so obsessed with such movies that he once developed a theory to explain why despite the fact that the villain always draws first, the hero is faster and ends up killing him. His theory was based on psychology. What was his theory?

Since the hero never fires first, the villain has to decide when to draw, which makes his action difficult. So just when the villain moves his hand, the hero acts with a conditioned reflex, so he almost automatically draws his weapon and kills the villain.

George Gamow explains that he did not agree with the theory, so the next day Bohr went to buy two pistols with their holsters, of course they were toys. In the duels between Bohr and his students, Bohr made her the hero and indeed his theory turned out to be true, because in all cases, the villains –his students- of him fell “dead”.

Via: Maikelnai’s blog

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