What are the best islands in the Mediterranean?

meet the Mare Nostrum of the ancient Roman Empire and touring one —or several— of the best islands in the Mediterranean is the dream of many travellers. Whether big or small, they all have their charm and something unique to show.

We invite you to a maritime itinerary with stops in several ports to enjoy a tour in which the protagonists are the sun, the sea and you!

Mediterranean Islands: for all tastes

The Mediterranean is located in a geographical area that has climates ranging from temperate to hot. For this reason, summers on the islands are hot and winters have moderate temperatures, which is why they have a large influx of visitors throughout the year.

Beach, rest and wellness tourism, sites with an ecological and natural imprint, places for parties and fun… you will find all this and much more in the best islands of the Mediterranean. Let’s meet them!

Majorca in the Balearic Islands

This archipelago is located off the coast of Spain, and Mallorca is the largest island; here is the capital of the Balearic Islands autonomous community, the city of Palma de Mallorca. This destination brings together testimonies of history such as the Almudaina Palace or the Bellver Castle, as well as modernity with its new constructions.

For fans of sun and water, the beautiful coves and beaches appear in every corner of the fantastic Majorcan coast: Cala del Moro, Cala Figuera, Trenc, Murta, Playa del Caracol and the list goes on…

Malta: a quiet island

In the middle of the Mediterranean, approximately 180 kilometers south of Italy, lies the Republic of Malta. It is made up of several islands, the main ones being Malta, Comino and Gozo.

The archipelago was Roman, Sicilian, Aragonese and Arab territory; it was also occupied by the French and finally by the British, from whom it achieved independence in 1964. Due to this long history of occupations, it has historical vestiges of several cultures in its main cities such as Valletta, Birkirkara, Sliema and Cospicua.

Malta is a tourist destination famous for the friendliness of its people, exquisite gastronomy and beautiful and quiet beaches such as Golden Bay, Blue Lagoon, Ramla Bay, Peter’s Pool Y Paradise Bayamong many others.

Sardinia: sun, history and an ancient kingdom

In the Tyrrhenian Sea, 400 kilometers from the Italian coast, is the Sardinia, a vacation destination that receives thousands of visitors from all over the world. The main attraction of the island is its wonderful beaches, as diverse as they are beautiful:

  • Emerald coast: this is a destination premium on the coastline between Olbia and Palau. There, the beaches stand out with turquoise waters and fine sand like Capricciolithe Celviathe Principe beach, the Madeleine Y Lisa Ruja.
  • green Coast: It is located between Portixeddu and Torre dei Corsari, on a coast with coves and cliffs, with huge waves that are perfect for surfing.
  • South Beaches: this one has more natural environments such as Punta Molentis Beachthe Tuerreda, Poetto Y your guide

If in addition to lounging in the sun you are interested in history and culture, here you will also find interesting places to see. Examples of this are the Castle of Cagliari, the Citadel of Museums, the house of Jana and the prehistoric nuraghe.

Ibiza: always with a festive atmosphere

This is one of the best islands in the Mediterranean to have fun with music and parties all year round. In addition, you have the advantage that you can arrive on a flight of less than an hour from Spain.

In Ibiza, the day begins on the beaches and coves to end in nightclubs like Pacha or dancing to the presentation of an international DJ at an outdoor event in Ushuaia. The most popular places on the coast are Playa de las Salinas, Cala Comte, Cala Benirras and Punta Galera, beautiful places where the warm crystal clear waters invite you for a refreshing dip at any time.

Santorini: a Greek classic

200 kilometers southeast of Greece, in the Aegean Sea, is the Cyclades archipelago, a group of dream islands, among which the mythical Santorini stands out, whose original name was Therawhich means ‘the very beautiful’.

It is a unique setting that captivates the eyes of each visitor with its symphony of colors: black beaches, white houses, blue roofs and an intense turquoise sea.

Walk the streets of heard to see from there best sunsets over the Mediterranean and the caldera of Santorini, on the horizon. In addition, we recommend you visit Fira and, if you like walking, the town of Imerovigli, from where the route of trekking of Skaros.

As for the beaches, choose according to your preference: Perissa, with a party and a young and festive atmosphere; Kamari, ideal to enjoy with the family; Monolithos for a quiet afternoon and Eros for the most romantic.

Capri: with Italian elegance


“Capri, queen of rock, in your amaranth and lily colored dress I lived developing happiness and pain, the vineyard full of radiant clusters that I conquered on earth”.
-Pablo Neruda. Dedicated to the island of Capri—

At the southern end of the Gulf of Naples, in front of Punta Campanella and the Sorrento peninsula, is the island of Capri. There you can find surreal natural landscapes like the faraglioni along the coast and the Blue Grotto or Grotta Azzurraa sea cave with exceptional beauty.

Capri is a destination for gourmets, where urban walks preserve the glamor and sophistication of past decades, especially in the historic center of Capri and the square with its numerous boutiques of international brands and renowned restaurants.

However, here there is also a place for beach tourism, more relaxed and cheaper: discover the beautiful Big Navythe Bagni di Tiberiusthe Scoglio delle Sirene Y The Lighthousewhere you can sunbathe and enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

The best islands in the Mediterranean await you!

Ideal for a weekend getaway from the mainland, any of these islands offers you tranquility, nature, sun and delicious dishes that tempt you with an exquisite aroma of the sea.

In the past, these places were the refuge of the wealthy classes, artists and celebrities, but today they are within the reach of any tourist, since they all have services adapted to all pockets.

So there are no excuses, pack a light suitcase, get on the ferry or a plane and start your route through the best islands in the Mediterranean. One by one, to savor them to the fullest!

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