What are the best viewpoints in Barcelona?

The autonomous community of Catalonia has one of the most beautiful postcards in its capital city. Walking through its streets will take you to know the life of this great city, but seeing it from the best viewpoints in Barcelona will really surprise you. The idea is that you take away unforgettable images… and that you have the best photos to instagram!

We suggest that you enjoy the impressive views of Barcelona from other perspectives and take with you in your travel memory a different way of getting to know this great Catalan city. Are you ready for the thrill?

Barcelona from above

You will find the best viewpoints in Barcelona in places as dissimilar as churches, hotels, shopping centers, among others. Here we share a list with the most outstanding:

1. Holy Basilica Maria of the Pi

Located in the Gothic quarter, this church is a walk in itself due to the beauty of the building and its interior naves. To get to the viewpoint, you have to climb the bell tower 54 meters high by a spiral staircase. From the level of the bells, you see the historic center of Barcelona, ​​while from the terrace you have unbeatable 360° views.

2. Montjuïc Castle

The Montjuic mountain, with its 177 meters and the castle on its top, is one of the best viewpoints of Barcelona that include a complete view of the city and the Mediterranean coast. The most impressive thing about this tour is that you can begin to fall in love with the landscapes as soon as you begin to walk it, when you get on the cable car on Miramar Avenue.

3. Mount Tibidabo

Tibidabo is 512 meters high and is the highest point in the Collserola mountain range. At the top, there is an amusement park and the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

If what you want is to take impressive photos of Barcelona’s urban skyline, the Tidibabo viewpoint that is located next to the funicular station is the perfect place to appreciate the greatness of the city and take home a unique postcard.

4. Park Guell

This masterpiece designed by Antonio Gaudí is located on the southwestern slope of Mount Carmel, which forms part of the Sierra de la Collserola. It is a magnificent estate that contains buildings, fountains and sculptures built with organic forms in the so-called naturist style.

The viewpoint of the park is located on the terrace of the Plaza de la Naturaleza, from where you can see the impressive landscape of the active city of Barcelona contrasting with the peace and quiet of the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

5. Carmel Bunkers

At more than 250 meters high, at the top of the Turo de la Rovira, During the Spanish Civil War, the Carmelo anti-aircraft battery with 4 Vickers cannons was located. This place was dismantled in 1939 and was later occupied by a barracks neighborhood, which was finally eradicated in 1990.

In recent years, the site has begun to be frequented by tourists because it offers a 360° view of Barcelona in a place that is easily accessible from the city.

6. Las Arenas Shopping Center

In front of the Joan Miró Park, in the Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, this modern commercial space is located. The building was built preserving the structure and facades of the old Las Arenas bullring, which operated from 1900 to 1977.

The Shopping Center has one of the best viewpoints in Barcelona: a circular fenced walkway arranged around a covered terrace shared by bars and restaurants. This is a great place to eat something delicious and then enjoy the views of beautiful Barcelona.

7. Terraces of the National Art Museum of Catalonia

On the mountain of Montjuic is the National Palace, built for the 1929 International Exhibition of the National Art Museum of Catalonia. The stately building has two terraces that have been transformed into viewpoints very popular with tourists from all over the world.

A terrace offers a wide view of Avenida Reina Cristina and Plaza España; you even get to see Tibidabo. From the other viewpoint you can see the Sagrada Familia, the Torre Agbar and, on the horizon, the castle of Montjuic.

8. Colom Viewpoint

Almost everyone knows that Columbus, on his trip to America, departed from the Port of Palos —in present-day Huelva—, but few know that when he returned he landed in Barcelona. In homage to this event, in 1888 it was erected the Mirador de Colom, a monument located on the Rambla from where you can see much of the city and the sea.

At 60 meters high, the structure contains an elevator inside that leads to the top, from where the panoramic view is extraordinary. The only disadvantage is that the space is narrow and only a few people can go up at a time, but the wait is well worth it, since you will be able to appreciate the following views:

  • North: Barcelona Cathedral, Santa María del Mar and La Rambla.
  • East: the Port Olímpic and the Forum.
  • South: Montjuïc mountain and the castle.
  • West: the Collserola mountain range and the intense green of its natural spaces.

Upon returning from this experience in the heights —not before— we recommend a stop at the base of the monument, where tasting and wine tourism are offered. Here, try the excellent varieties of cava and denomination of origin products such as the coastal wines of Alella and the famous whites ofPenedes, In addition to those of the interior region of the Pla de Bages and new wines from Catalonia, among many others.

Best viewpoints in Barcelona: amazing views of a legendary city

The height produces fascination in people, and looking from above known places to see them from another more complete point of view is something very attractive. This allows you to take real dimension of things and corroborate that you are small compared to the urban landscapes that we create, as is the case of the city of Barcelona.

We have detailed what are for us the best viewpoints in Barcelona, ​​but we also know that there are many more that may not be as spectacular, but that offer different experiences.

This group includes, for example, the Corte Inglés restaurant in Plaza Cataluña, the Eclipse bar in the W hotel and the Mirablau restaurant on the slopes of Tibidabo, where you can see wonderful views of Barcelona, while you enjoy a drink or the exquisite Catalan gastronomy.

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