What is the best season to visit Morocco

Do you like to travel and are you passionate about North Africa? Follow us and find out what it is the best season to visit morocco. This country is truly fascinating and we are going to discover it together right here.

The best season to visit morocco

Tghazout – Jacques VANNI

Morocco, has a geographical location of the most privileged. And that is something that we can extend to the climate.

In general terms, the best season to visit Morocco is spring, because on this date is when its landscapes show greater beauty and the climate is more temperate if you want to enjoy it. However, it is not the only exceptional time to get to know the country.


In the summer, the most recommended area to visit is the coast, since in addition to enjoying its beaches, the climate is easier to bear than in the rest of the year.

Autumn and winter

Oukaimeden Mountains–Asebbane Mehdi

In the north, during the winter, there is a cool and humid climate, to which are added some mild summers if you return at this time. If you want to visit Morocco in the winter, it is possible to take the opportunity to get to know the Atlas region and skiing or traveling to the south of the country or to desert regions taking advantage of the cooler climate.

Be careful, it should be remembered that in the higher altitude regions it is necessary to be well prepared in winter. In case you plan to visit the mountain area, you should know that the ski season runs from December to March. Also remember that on many trips trekking in high season it is better to reserve the accommodation beforehand.

Autumn, like spring, is a good time to visit the African country. But do not forget that the days are shorter and the weather is milder.

Travel to Morocco in Ramadan

Marrakesh – Jon Chica

Many times It is not recommended to travel to Morocco during this holiday, because the entire country is paralyzed and the schedules adapt to the party, so we see many establishments closed for the day. A good part of Moroccans enjoy their vacations in this period.

Another drawback is humor, these days they can have a more difficult character. Also, things that on other dates are not frowned upon, in Ramadan can be considered disrespectful. Therefore, it is better not to go on those dates if you can.

The country in Ramadan has another life where the nights are the best time, with the souks full of people and full of products that are not so seen on other dates. The attraction of being different and the cultural reasons are obvious, but the drawbacks are almost more than the benefits if you choose to travel on that date.

In short, the best season to visit Morocco is…

Erg Chebbi – Dimitry B. /

In very general lines, and by way of summary, these dates can be indicated as more auspicious:

  • Tangier: from May to September
  • Fez: from April to June and September
  • Marrakech: from March to June and from October to November
  • Sahara: between September and November

Spring and fall are the most popular times, so accommodation is more expensive. Marrakech and the south are popular destinations at Christmas and New Year, but in the north it can be cold and wet.

The demand and prices of accommodation rise at Easter. Instead, low season runs from may to september, a good opportunity to find discounts in accommodation and souks. Domestic tourism tends to keep prices high on the coast.

On the other hand, beware of spring sandstorms in the Sahara and rain in the north. And it should be noted that Until 2020 Ramadan will take place between the end of April of the month of May. Eid al-Adha falls on the month of August.

Morocco is a magical country, but it is worth avoiding those festivities to enjoy it even more. In the same way, it is best to be aware of the areas that we want to visit and that everything fits so that at a climatological level we go at the best possible time.

We hope that after these lines the best time to visit Morocco has become somewhat clearer to you. You have already seen that depending on the area, one season or another will be better, although It is a country that can always be enjoyed.

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