What is the best time to travel to Berlin?

The capital of Germany is a tourist destination that you have to go to at least once in your life. The question is when to do it. Everything will depend on the preferences of each one, so in this article We discover the best time to travel to Berlin and the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Can you come with us?

Travel to Berlin in winter

Christmas market in Berlin

Traveling to the German capital in winter means having to dress warm to combat temperatures, which can be below 0ºC. Added to this are the few hours of light that there are, since the sun begins to hide between four and five in the afternoon.

Even so, visiting Berlin at night and seeing its illuminated monuments, such as the Brandenburg Gate, is more than recommended.

In case the weather is not good, we can always opt for an activity that takes place inside a building. A very good option is to move to the Museum Island to visit the numerous and interesting collections it houses; or enjoy the views of the city without going outside from the top of the Television Tower.


If the dates of our trip coincide with the Christmas season, we can take the opportunity to go to one of the markets with which the city is filled and where we can buy some handcrafted ornaments.

but still much more can be done, like skating at Potsdamer Platz; or surround the Christmas tree of the aforementioned Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie or the Sony Center.

Another advantage of traveling in winter is that it is cheaper for our pockets., because the prices of the accommodations are cheaper and there is less occupation. And it is that the tourist areas look somewhat emptier and the queues to access the museums and other attractions are smaller compared to those of other times of the year.

Travel to Berlin in summer

Berlin Cathedral

We go from one extreme to another, in summer the temperatures are more pleasant for sightseeing and the days are longer, getting later at night, starting at ten o’clock.

Nevertheless, prices, especially those related to lodging, they become more expensive and the tourist places are filled with visitors who want to know all the charms of Berlin.

In addition to touring the city, and since the weather accompanies the lack of a beach, You can take the opportunity to go to one of its parks and improvise a picnic. Some of the most prominent are the Viktoriapark, which is home to a waterfall; and the Mauerpark or Wall Park, since the Berlin Wall passed through it.

You can also enjoy a lot of outdoor activitiessuch as a movie session in the Freiluftkinos, a swim in the Badeschiff floating pool or a bike ride through the main neighborhoods of the city.

Another possibility is to attend some of the festivals They don’t exist in winter. Among them the Museumsinsel Festival, Volksfeste and the Karneval der Kulturen stand out.

Travel Berlin in spring and autumn, the best time

brandenburg gate

As usual, the best times to travel, in this case to Berlin, are spring and autumn. More specifically, April and September. Among the reasons we should mention that the climate is more stablethat the days are not as long as in summer nor as short as in winter and that accommodation prices are affordable.

Besides, those who decide to travel in the fall have the advantage of being able to enjoy the Oktoberfest, one of the most famous festivals celebrated in Germany. The festival is held between September and October and is a good opportunity to try the typical beer and food, but also to wear traditional costumes.

Traveling to Berlin is always a good idea. The German capital is a city where there is always something to do and a lot to see. Choosing the best time will depend on your possibilities and your tastes.

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