What is the largest island in the world?


greenland (Kalaallit Nunaat in Greenlandic; Grønland in Danish), is an autonomous territory that belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark. C.

With 2,166,086 km², Greenland is the largest island in the world. Nearly 80% of the territory (1,755,637 km²) is covered with ice, which is why it constitutes the second ice reserve on the planet, behind that existing in Antarctica.

On the other hand, ice free surface (410,449 km²) is larger than Japan, with a low population density.

The western coasts of Greenland are furrowed by a cold current, the Labrador Current, with waters from the Arctic Ocean and icebergs from the glaciers of Greenland itself and other Arctic islands.

Greenland has a small population of 56,000 inhabitants, of which 87% are from the Greenlandic group, a mixture of Inuit and European races. The Danish and Greenlandic are all the languages ​​spoken by the population.