What is the longest snake in the world?

pitonThe longest snake is the Python. One of these snakes was caught in Indonesia, it is the length of almost nine of those men stretched out on the ground. Exactly, this reptile measures 14.85 meters and weighs 447 kilograms. The python was found in the small town of Curugsewu, in the center of the Island of Java, Indonesia. She was caught about a year ago, but is only now being introduced to society.
Upgrade (03/05/07) You can see a documentary video of poisonous snakes, among them you can see very well, this one: The python. Watch video

Due to its size, this snake becomes the largest man has ever encountered. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the previous mark also corresponded to a python, also discovered in Indonesia in 1912: it measured 9.75 meters, much less than this one. Those responsible for the zoo where it is located in Jakarta, provided some information about its succulent diet. The beast eats between three and four dogs a month.

This type of snake is difficult to tame and unpredictable and is often referred to as the largest of all snakes. With their quick attacks and razor-sharp teeth, these snakes are capable of cutting arteries. Unlike boas, pythons lay eggs (15 to 100, depending on body size). The Asian reticulated python may be the longest snake in the world, while the anaconda is the heaviest. Specimens over nine meters long have been recorded, like the one we mentioned at the beginning… Incredible, right?

Upgrade:(02/22/07) Recently a photograph was taken of a python that had swallowed a pregnant sheep, do you want to see the photograph? Click here.