What is the origin of the name “Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer”?

Metro-Goldwyn-MayerMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer is a large company that is involved in the production and distribution of motion pictures and television shows.

The question is… where did I get the name “Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer”? What is its origin?

Well, the name comes from the three companies that formed a corporate merger to create MGM Studios in 1924; Metro Picture Corporation (founded 1915), Goldwyn Picture Corporation (founded 1917), and Louis B. Mayer Pictures (founded 1918). Louis B. Mayer became head of the studio and Irving Thalberg head of production. Its motto is Ars Gratia Artis (art for art’s sake) and its emblem is a lion, created in 1928.

Source: Wikipedia.org