What is the tallest animal of all land animals?

Giraffeis the giraffe: The tallest animal.
Males can measure between 4.80 to 5.50 meters high and weigh up to 900 kilograms. Females are generally slightly smaller and weigh less.
But the absolute record is still held by a male who came to measure!6.05 meters high!
Giraffes are famous for their extraordinarily long necks, which allow them to reach the highest and most tender leaves on trees, and their long front legs that are much longer than the hind legs.

A giraffe’s heart must generate about twice the normal blood pressure of a large mammal to maintain blood flow to the brain against gravity.

The tongue is black, and it is so long (about 50 cm) that it allows you to use it to clean your ears.

The giraffe is very shy and evasive. His excellent vision, and his height allow him to easily spot his enemies—lions and sometimes man—and at the slightest alarm he runs away at almost forty miles per hour. The giraffe’s neck has the same number of bones as ours, only seven.