What to do and see in Malta, a treasure in the Mediterranean

Malta is a very small country, but no less charming for that. It has a lot to see and stands out for its impressive beauty, and also for its history. As we believe it is worth knowing, We bring you a list of things to do and see in Malta. Do not miss it, it may encourage you to choose it as a destination for your next vacation.

All you must see in Malta

Malta belongs to the European Union and is located in the south, in the middle of the Mediterranean. It is made up of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. The best known and largest is that of Malta, although the most similar to paradise is that of Comino.

Let’s take a tour of its most beautiful placestaking into account that modernity still seems not to have reached many of its corners.

1. Valletta

Valletta, capital of Malta

It is the capital of Malta and, therefore, an essential visit. Almost all of its narrow, cobbled streets lead to the seaand despite being the capital of a country you will not see huge buildings or commercial businesses in every corner.

It is a quiet, peaceful city where tradition and history are breathed. A history that is reflected in buildings as magnificent as the Co-Cathedral of San Juanthe Palace of the Grand Master or the fortresses that protect its port.

2. Mdina Old City


Its name is a mixture of Arabic and English, both civilizations that were present on the island. Another of the places to see in Malta, a wonderful walled city, as was the old style. And you have to know that it was the capital of the country until the 16th century.

Mdina Cathedral is an essential visit that you cannot miss. But you must also stroll through its narrow streets that will take you back in time to the Middle Ages.

3. Know the three cities

three cities

Vittoriosa, Senglea and Copiscua meet in front of Valletta and they form a kind of triangle in which if you enter you have to finish watching it. Each of them is special, and has its main characteristics, but they are all charming and deserve to spend some time.

They are small towns, so it is possible to visit all three in one day. In fact, the largest is about 800 meters long. Of course, they all have a main character, the sea.

4. Spend the afternoon in Marsaxlokk


This is one of the most traditional towns in the countryas seen in its port, full of the typical Maltese boats known as luzu. These boats are blue and have a red or yellow line through them. On the bow they have the eye of Osiris drawn, a symbol of protection against evil spirits.

On Sunday morning a market is put on the street where you can taste the most traditional craft products of the island. And to end the day, you can go to St Peter Pool, a natural pool where you can use the rocks as a diving board. A special touch to your visit.

5.Blue Lagoon

Comino Island in Malta

As we told you before, the island of Comino is the most paradisiacal, and it is there where this incredible natural phenomenon is found, the Blue Lagoon. It is a blue lagoon in the shape of a cove with turquoise and crystalline waters that seems to have been brought directly from the sky.

Very close you can add a touch of adrenaline to your adventure and enter the caves of Santa Maríaan ideal place to dive and connect with nature in its purest state.

6. Popeye Village

Popeye’s Village

We could say that it is, without a doubt, the most picturesque place in the country. Their houses look like they were made for a movie, oh yeah! They were. This town was built for the movie Popeye, by Robert Altman in 1979 and still stands today. Let’s say It’s a Hollywood set turned into a theme park.


“The secret of movies is that they are an illusion.”

-George Lucas-

You see that good things come in small packages, and there is much to see in Malta, a country with many charms to discover. An ideal place to spend a vacation, not only for this, but because the weather is ideal almost all year round. Do you put it on your list of essentials?

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