What to do in Long Lake, a beautiful city in Minnesota

We traveled to the northern part of the United States, to Hennepin County, in the state of Minnesota. Over there we are going to visit a small but charming town called Long Lake. What’s so special about it? Right now we tell you.

Long Lake, a beautiful city in the state of Minnesota

Touring the United States is one of those pending trips for many. A trip that can be prolonged as long as we can or want, since in a country as huge as this, the interesting corners number in the thousands.

From north to south, from east to west, everything we can find in the great American continent will leave us speechless. On this occasion, we move away from the mythical cities from New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Let’s discover the state of Minnesota. It is located in the northern region of the country, next to Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes of North America and which separates the country from Canada. It is the largest freshwater lake in the world.

Long Lake is in the southern part of the state. A small city embraced by a lake 16 kilometers long and just under a kilometer wide. It is considered one of the cleanest lakes in Minnesota and the perfect place to enjoy many sports activities.

What to do in Long Lake during our vacations?

If you are looking for a vacation away from civilization, quiet and in contact with nature, Long Lake is a perfect place. Prepare your agenda to write down everything you can do here. Enjoy the outdoors!

1. Sports at Nelson Lakeside Park

In the central area of ​​Long Lake there is a nature park called Nelson Lakeside Park. This place is designed for fishingalong with other places around the lake.

Fishing is one of the most practiced sports in the city, because the fresh waters of this lake are home to countless species.

In addition, there are boat and canoe services to navigate its waters. But if you prefer there is also a public beach enabled to swim and enjoy the cool waters of Long Lake.

2. Family game afternoon

In the surroundings of Nelson Lakeside Park or Holbrook Park you can spend a great afternoon with your children without moving from the nature that surrounds Long Lake. For starters, there are designated areas with picnic tables and grills, as well as there are courts for sports such as basketball, hockey and skating.

On the other hand, for the smallest of the family there are children’s play areas. They will have a great time surrounded by nature. Some areas, such as the skating area, need a reservation, as they are small and tend to be very busy.

3. A walk through nature

Along with sports and family fun, we recommend you end your day at Long Lake with a walk around the lake to enjoy nature. Surrounding the lake there are trails where you can walk enjoying the pure and fresh air.

Considerations before traveling to Long Lake

First of all, you must remember that Long Lake is a small town with a natural lake, so you have to take care of nature as much as possible. Therefore, if you visit the multiple parks that surround the town remember not to litter, respect green areas, and do not leave litter.

Also, try not to disturb the inhabitants of the town, as many take advantage of the environment to practice sports and relax. If you are going to have a picnic or use a grill, be careful with the fire. Try to leave everything collected and make sure you are using the enabled zones for these activities.

Long Lake can be a very special destination to spend a vacation away from the big city. This is a different place that will help you disconnect from worries and stress. Here you can get in touch with nature and take the opportunity to do things that you could never do in the city.

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