What to do in Los Angeles: 5 essential things

On the West Coast of the United States you have to visit San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles! It is the mecca of cinema, the scene of the birth of thousands of films and, why not say it, the city of stars. If you are traveling through this area of ​​the country, we advise you to make a stop here. ¡This is what you can do in Los Angeles!

Things you must see and do in Los Angeles

Of course, everything you can see and do in Los Angeles will clearly depend on how long you are going to stay in the city. It is still one of the largest cities in the United Stateswith a lot of people, traffic and time that can be wasted.

However, if you organize yourself well, you can enjoy excellent plans like the ones shown below. Look at them!

1. Stroll through the Downtown

It’s the historic center of Los Angeles, only, unlike usual, it’s not made up of narrow, cobblestone streets and medieval buildings. ¡The historic center of Los Angeles is a web of huge buildings! Skyscrapers, the City Hall or the civic center, every corner will leave you speechless.

Downtown’s main axis is Grand Avenue, through which all the buildings are located. The area occupies some 520,000 m² of emblematic buildings of all kinds: television channels, restaurants, museums, theaters, cinemas, banks, hotels, auditoriums, etc.

Here we can also see the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, whose admission is free. It is a modern work designed by Rafael Moneo. It is twelve stories high and is one of the largest in the world.

2. A swim on the beach in Santa Monica

Along with all this cosmopolitan universe of imposing skyscrapers, in Los Angeles you can also enjoy a swim in Santa Monica beach. It’s like you know a different side of the cityin a place where it was filmed The Baywatch.

It is a space of a lot of activity, especially the famous Santa Monica Pier. A perfect place to take a walk in the middle of the sunset and enjoy the sea views.

In addition, it is a mythical place because there ends the famous route 66 and start an amazing amusement park. How about fun like this on the shores of the Pacific?

3. Freak out with Hollywood

If we have already said that Los Angeles is the city of cinema, it is impossible not to pass through this area. Hollywood was born as an independent municipality, but ended up being part of the city. The country’s film industry is developed here.

The most famous place in Hollywood is, without a doubt, the Walk of Fame. It is the great avenue of the city under which there are tiles where the great movie stars are honored. Alongside this, you can also visit Universal studios, film museums, and even a Chinese theater. Enjoy and feel like a star!

“The secret of movies is that they are an illusion.”

-George Lucas-

4. See the Hollywood sign

Following our passage through the cinema village, it is impossible to leave Los Angeles without having seen the letters of the worldwide known as “the Hollywood sign”. It is located on a hill, on the outskirts of the city. She has appeared in so many movies that we would go crazy counting them.

Accessing it can be tricky, but not impossible. It is located in the Hollywood Hills and can be reached via two addresses: 8086 Mullholland Hey or 3202 Canyon Lake Dr. If you don’t want to walk too far (the drive is long) you will need a car, but it’s worth it as the views are stunning. .

5. Enjoy the sunset at the Griffith Observatory

If you have not been satisfied with the views from the Hollywood letters, there is also a wonderful viewpoint where you will be amazed with the views of Los Angeles. We refer to the Griffith Observatory, a name that honors a mythical film director.

It is located south of Hollywood and is on a high hill. It is a free and very famous viewpoint. The incredible thing about this place is enjoying it at sunset and falling in love with the pink and violet tones that gradually color the city until the moon comes.

In the area there are parks and natural areas where you can lie down and enjoy. But remember, be prepared for sundown!

Now you know, if you want to enjoy a movie trip, Los Angeles is the perfect destination. We advise you to enjoy its theme parks (such as Universal’s), as well as particular areas such as Venice Beach or Chinatown. We have it clear, you are going to fall in love with the city and you will want to return!

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