What to do in Paris at night?

Without a doubt, Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world. With its numerous attractions and customs, it has come to the knowledge of a large part of the population. While getting to know and touring the city is fantastic, you shouldn’t miss out on seeing Paris at night.

Who has not dreamed of buying the delicacies of Parisian bakeries, visiting the Eiffel Tower or sailing on the Seine River? Not in vain is this known as “the City of Light”, thanks to its important nocturnal activity and the many attractions that are enhanced with lights at night.

5 things to do in Paris at night

Paris at night is transformed and the scenery changes, thus showing the other face of the city. The illuminated Eiffel Tower, the tours nightlife on buses, bars, cabarets, clubs and many other activities will make you live a magical experience in one of the European cities that never sleeps.

1. Visit the iconic Eiffel Tower

It is a classic… if you go to Paris, you must visit the Eiffel Tower. But not because it is a classic it stops being surprising. This tower was inaugurated in 1889 by the civil engineer Gustave Eiffel and is 324 meters high. Today, It is the most visited monument in France and one of the main in the world..

Since 1889, Eiffel installed spotlights on different monuments with the purpose of illuminating Paris, so it was not dedicated only to the Eiffel Tower. On December 31, 1885, the structure was dressed in golden lighting and was a great success, although it had already been illuminated before.

Also on December 31, but in the year 1999, the Iron lady received the famous sparkles and the lighthouse on the occasion of the passing of the following year. These flashes – which have about 20,000 bulbs – are superimposed on the golden lighting, so the tower is filled with sparkles every hour on the hour for 5 minutes.

At 1 a.m., when the Show of lights ends, the golden illumination disappears and the sparkles shine for 10 minutes. Without a doubt, a fantastic experience that will amaze you.

You can simply observe the Eiffel Tower from a nearby point or go up to it. It is open every day until 11:45 p.m. — or until 12:45 a.m. from June to August. You can also have dinner there, but you have to book well in advance. In any way you decide to enjoy it, you will remember the fantastic Iron lady with its imposing lights.

If you want to enjoy the Parisian nightlife but you don’t have a lot of money, you could organize a night picnic accompanied by a good beer or a sophisticated wine. The Saint-Martin canal or Champ-de-Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower promise a sensational night to have fun with friends or for something more romantic.

2. The night does not end in bars and clubs

It is really difficult to unfold a list of bars and clubs in Paris, because there are endless options for all tastes! The French capital is home to many bars and clubs so that the night does not end.

So what can we recommend? The ideal is that you look for some of the ones that best suit your taste, location and pocket. Options are not lacking!

3. Cabarets

Paris is the cradle of cabarets, so if you are one of the public that enjoys these shows, you should not miss out on visiting any of them. The best known and most emblematic is the Moulin Rouge, built in 1889 by the Spanish Josep Oller —creator of the Olympia theater as well— and characterized by can-can dancers. This is located in the red light district of Pigalle.

Other important cabarets that have earned their recognition are the Lido, the Paradis Latin, the Crazy Horse or the Penthouse Club Paris. Some are more exclusive, others more extravagant or innovative and others more classic, but they all promise something different.

4. Tours nocturnal

If you want to enjoy the most emblematic buildings and monuments of Paris illuminated, one of the best options is to make a city ​​tours or night tour. In addition, it is one of the safest alternatives to visit Paris at night.

The Opera Square, the Champs-Elysées with the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Notre Dame Cathedral are some of the emblematic sites that you can see. Depending on the tour night in paris, some allow descent and others do not. Tours are often available in multiple languages.

5. Be dazzled by the Seine River

The Seine River is one of the most important rivers in France and, after the Loire and the Rhône, it is the third longest in the country. As it crosses Paris, it has become a very important river that offers amazing views.

You can sail an overnight cruise in Paris, from where you can see the illuminated buildings closest to the river. If you are looking for something cheaper, you can enjoy Paris at night on the Seine, walking along its banks and its famous bridges.

Paris at night is unique

The places to visit and the options of things to do in Paris at night are endless; yes, the Parisian night can become ephemeral how quickly the hours can pass. And it is that if you have fun, walk around the city and enjoy good company, there will be no time for boredom.

For all the reasons mentioned above, you can’t miss out on getting to know Paris both during the day and at night, as the proposals change and the city transforms. Visit the City of Light and let yourself be carried away by the best that he proposes to you!

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