What to do in South Africa: safaris and much more

It is clear that one of the things to do in South Africa is to live the experience of a photographic safari in which to contemplate the animals that we only see in documentaries. But there is much more to do in this wonderful country. There are many other activities to do in nature, there are cities and towns full of attractions, and there are traces of a truly peculiar history.

10 things to do in South Africa

We are going to give you a few flashes about the many things that can be done in South Africa. This is a unique country that you will enjoy in many ways.

1. Visit to Cape Town

Cape Town

Let’s start with the most classic, a visit to Cape Town, one of the most exciting cities in Africa. A spectacular Waterfront awaits you there, the Green Marketelegant Long Street, the colors of the Bo-Kaap neighborhood and the natural wonder of Table Mountain.

2. Ponder in Soweto

The other big city in South Africa is Johannesburg, and there the best thing to do is make a tour tour of Soweto. It is the old ghetto that tells us about the apartheid times and that becomes a very exciting visit.

3. Set foot on Robben Island

Robben Island Prison – Darrenp

Along the same lines of learning about the most recent and terrible past of South Africa is this other excursion to Robben Island. The island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. A place that could have driven him crazy, but instead transformed him into a myth.


“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave is not the one who does not feel fear, but the one who overcomes that fear.”

-Nelson Mandela-

4. Feel the vertigo of the Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope

One of the most famous places in the whole world is the Cape of Good Hope, located south of Cape Town. It is an unmissable excursion, since the vertiginous views of its cliffs are, without a doubt, shocking. But also very beautiful.

5. See where two oceans meet

The Atlantic and Indian Oceans are sometimes mistakenly said to merge off the Cape of Good Hope. Is not correct. That happens at Cape Agujas, and a commemorative monument reminds us of it.

6. Go to the beach

There are many options to cool off in the summer in South Africa. And after visiting Cape Agujas, we already know that they can be on beaches bathed by both the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic. Here are a few recommendations: Camps Bay, Cape Vidal, Muizenberg or Walker Bay.

7. Whale watching from Hermanus

Whale off the coast of Hermanus

In this last place of Walker Bay, there is also another winter activity. It consists of seeing groups of whales. It is incredible that they get so close to the coast. In fact, are visible from the promenade of the town of Hermanus. They are seen, and they are heard. It’s amazing!

8. Drink some wine in Franshhoek

South African wines are world renowned. Well, to enjoy them in all their immensity, you have to go to the Franshhoek vineyards and wineries. A place reminiscent of Europenot only because of the names of the wineries, but also because of the typical colonial architecture.

9. Seeing faces with a great white shark

Much more adrenaline is distilled when you take a boat in the port of Gansbaii and go thinking that your goal is to lock yourself in an underwater cage and wait for a great white shark to come by. It shudders just thinking about it and yet there are many people who do it.

10. Do the quintessential safari

kruger park

We can give you many other ideas for a vacation in South Africa. You can see penguins on Simons Town Beach, crocodiles in the St. Lucia Estuary… You can also surf or go kayaking.

It goes without saying that enjoying nature is one of the objectives to think about making a getaway to South Africa. Y that getaway would not be complete without the essential photographic safari. Where? In the Kruger Park.

The largest in the country, the first and the most famous. Also the best prepared for tourists. Go there, calm your nerves and prepare the camera. Over there you will photograph lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, buffalo… At last you will be able to say that you have seen Africa.

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