What to do near the Yuriev Monastery in Russia

We visit one of the most important monasteries of the Middle Ages in Russian territory. Everything, in addition, seasoned with a long and convulsive history. We are going to discover a place of great interest in Russia and also we will see what can be seen near the Yuriev monastery so that the visit is as complete as possible.

The Yuriev monastery

Yuriev Monastery – Dennis Jarvis /

This religious site is located 190 kilometers from St. Petersburg, in Novgorod. It is ideally located on the bank of the Volkhov River, just as it reaches the Ilmen side. There the views are really wonderful, both because of the nature that surrounds it and because of the incredible reflection created in the monastery in the calm waters of the river.

It is also called St. George’s Monastery, and is popularly known as the oldest monastery in Russia. Legend has it that it was founded in 1030 by Yaroslav the Wise. He was responsible for the construction of the also famous Saint Sophia Cathedral in kyiv.

Novgorod, the greatest treasure near the Yuriev monastery

Novgorod – Marina Zezelina

The new city is called Velikiy Novgorod., located in the southeast of the town of Saint Petersburg. It was the capital of Russia in ancient times, specifically between the 9th and 12th centuries.

For the Russian people, Novgorod is the father of Russia, kyiv is the mother and Moscow is the heart. In the same way, if you have time, you will need at least one day to get to know Saint Petersburg, a city that is worth visiting.


“The intelligent person travels to enrich his life later in the sedentary days, which are more numerous.”

-Enrique Larreta-

a prosperous city

Novgorod Kremlin – Marina Zezelina

Novgorod for a long time was a trade route for the Scandinavian and Greek peoples. Varangian merchants established a route for their direct trade with Byzantium. All this made the area occupied by Russia, Ukraine and Belarus today very prosperous.

Besides, this was one of the great centers of book production in ancient Russia and an outstanding artistic center during the Middle Ages. The icon painting schools, the jewelery that was made here and the decorative art objects enjoyed enormous fame.

Currently, Novgorod is an important educational center. A city, moreover, monumental and really beautiful. In its streets you can see architectural wonders from the 11th to 17th centuries, and very close to the Yuriev monastery.

The Novgorod Kremlin

Novgorod Kremlin by Alexander Medvedkov

It is the oldest that has been preserved in Russiasince there is news of its fortifications in some chronicles dating back to the year 1044. However, its current appearance is later, from the 15th century.

Inside you can see the Santa Sofía Cathedral, the Novgorod Museum, some small churches and the Regional Library. All this makes the Kremlin complex one of the most attractive for tourists.

By the way, this place is a World Heritage Siteas part of the historic center of the city, which received this recognition in 1992

St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Novgorod

Saint Sophia Cathedral – Grigory Gusev /

In the 10th century the famous Saint Sophia Cathedral was built. We are talking about a temple built in stone that is responsible for representing the spirituality of the city and its inhabitants. Its founder was also Prince Yaroslav the Wise. Currently, it is the most important sanctuary in the city.

A legend said that the moment the dove leaves the cross, Novgorod will succumb. This referred to a cross that was located in the golden dome and in which was a dove that symbolized the Holy Spirit.

In the course of the patriotic war, the church was destroyed and the dove disappeared. Interestingly, the cross was found in Spain and in 2006 it was returned to its original site.

You have already seen that near the Yuriev monastery there are wonderful corners to discover, and Novgorod should also be a must see. We are talking about a city that has a great history, with the added charm of its buildings and monuments. Thus, if you travel to Saint Petersburg, this excursion must be within your plans.

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