What to see during a trip to Mombasa, Kenya

The city of Mombasa in Kenya offers us a series of unique places that you should not miss during your next vacation.

The beautiful mombasa city is one of the main to be able to meet in Kenya, with permission from Nairobi. Offers to more adventurous tourists the possibility of knowing in depth its history, its natural charms and taking the opportunity to discover its unique gastronomic proposals.

Strong Jesus

The famous Strong Jesus It is one of the great attractions. It was built during the Portuguese colonial era in Kenya, in the 16th century and is currently UNESCO World Heritage. Was the architect Cairati the person who designed this nice fort and he was closely related to religion, hence his man. Today it is a museum that offers part of the local culture.

You can find the location of Fort Jesus by following this link.

Haller Park

If you like nature during the vacation in mombasathen meet Haller Park is a recommended option. It is a project that has been growing in size since it began in 1971. We can observe some of the wildlife in this area of ​​Kenya and enjoy the presence of animals such as hippos, giraffes, water buffalo, among many others.

You can find the location of Haller Park by following this link.

Mombasa National Marine Park

Another attraction that you should not miss is the National Marine Park, a unique place where we can see meadows, sandy beaches, coral reefs, mangroves, all protected by the denomination of national park. Currently, visitors will be able to see different natural places and practice sports and activities such as diving and snorkeling.

You can find the location of Mombasa Marine National Park by following this link.

Mombasa Old Town

One of Mombasa’s landmarks is being able to see its old town, an important site where you can see old houses from the colonial era. No doubt the antique, spice and craft markets are the most recommended in this area, although you can also enjoy the coffee shops.

You can find the location of Casco Antiguo by following this link.

South Coast Beaches

In the south of Mombasa we find a series of beaches for those who seek to enjoy them sunbathing, practicing water sports or simply enjoying the fauna and flora. Some beaches are offered such as Shelly Beach, Likoni or Tiwi beach, which are some of the most recommended.

You can find the location of Playas de la Costa Sur by following this link.

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