What to see in Pamplona? The essentials to know

What you still don’t know Pamplona? Well, to correct that, write down the essential things you have to see on a visit to the capital of Navarre.

How come you still don’t know Pamplona? Beyond its San Fermín festivities, for which it is universally known, the capital of Navarra is a city of great tourist interest, which mixes culture, monuments and gastronomy. If you are going to visit this city, this is the essential thing you must see.

Castle plaza

The most popular square in Pamplona is the Castle plaza, although you will not see any fortress in it (although there was one in its day and that is where the name comes from). It is the typical meeting place for the people of Pamplona and its most outstanding buildings are the Gran Hotel La Perla and the Coffee Irunaa traditional establishment (from the 19th century) and in which the famous British writer Ernest Hemingway he spent a lot of his time in this city.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

Among the great monuments, the St. Mary’s Cathedral It is the most significant in Pamplona. Located in the historic center of the city, this Cathedral is a large ecclesiastical complex made up of the church, with its beautiful neoclassical main façade, the sacristy and the cloistera place worth visiting as it is considered one of the wonders of gothic art. If you like churches, another interesting one is the Church of San Cernín, the true patron saint of Pamplona.

The wall and the Citadel

Pamplona was an important military post, especially in the wars against France, and so in the 15th century it became a fortified city that still maintains many elements from then. There are several routes to discover the walled enclosure that is still preserved, with places of special interest such as the White Horse Cornerthe best viewpoint in the city, or the Citadelthe fortress today converted into a park and a place of general recreation.

Places of San Fermin

Obviously, one cannot visit Pamplona and forget about San Fermín and the running of the bulls that are celebrated during their festivities. It is inevitable to visit the most famous corners, starting with the Town Hall Square from which the chupinazo is given every July 6 and following the route taken by the bulls and the young men, from the Slope of Santo Domingo to the Plaza de Toros, passing of course through the famous Estafeta Street.

Skewers in San Nicolás and San Gregorio

Eating well is important and Pamplona is a city where you eat very well. Throughout the old town you will find plenty of bars to fill your stomach with skewers and winesalthough without a doubt the most famous streets in this sense are those of Saint Nicholas and Saint Gregory.

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