What to see in Santillana del Mar.. Most beautiful villages in Spain

What to see in Santillana del Mar

Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain there’s a lot What to see in Santillana del Mar.

Is medieval village with cobbled streets mansions and a unique cultural heritage, falls in love with everyone who pays to visit it.

There are many things to do in Santillana del Mar one of the most beautiful villages in Cantabria which dazzles the visitor despite the enormous amount of tourism it usually receives.

Map of Santillana del Mar

the triple liar

Santillana del Mar She is known as the triple liar. because his name “extols” details that are not real.

To get started , Santillana del Mar does not have a beach but nevertheless, it is called “of the sea”, and here we find the first of its lies.

Your name , presume to be flat (Santillana) and neither is it so we already have two.

streets of Santillana

Y third of them is that despite the fact that his name He says that he is a saint, Santillana, he doesn’t enjoy that quality either.

known as the village of the three lies in the end it is a curious detail , but it does not tarnish what much to visit in Santillana del Mar a fascinating place.

mediaeval origin

With a historical heritage and architectural without parallel, it should be noted that Santillana del Mar has medieval origins.

With its constructions, «placed» shaped similar to a horseshoe Around its main streets, it is a joy to move around its historic center.

What to visit in Santillana del Mar
mediaeval origin

Also, their origins of the middle ages are present in their cobbled streets and squares as well as in their buildings.

A good way to discover this town is through a free tour of it, with local guides, You dare??.

Why Santillana?

Santillana del Mar Cantabria has its beginnings when a group of monks arrived in the area to hide some relics of a martyr named Juliana.

They created a hermitage to hide it, which later became a monastery which caused farmers and ranchers in the area to start working in its surroundings.

Little by little they settled down until they formed a town, with the name of Saint Juliana that later it was renamed Santillana.

What to visit in Santillana del Mar

Points What to see in Santillana del Mar in one day or more, they are numerous, in one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

Main Square

As in so many towns, the Plaza Mayor of Santillana del Mar is the neuralgic point of the town.

Considered by many as one of the most beautiful squares of Cantabria the truth is that it does not disappoint.

main square to see in Santillana del mar
The beautiful main square of Santillana del Mar

However , this beautiful square reminded us of the one we visited in Monpazier in France one of the most beautiful in the Gallic Country.

In the main square we will find the Municipality of Santillana as well as other notable buildings that make up the enormous architectural heritage of the municipality.

  1. The Priest’s House

is the most emblematic of the buildings in the main square , and its balconies and facades , full of floral ornaments They attract attention.

It is one of the essentials to see in a trip to Santillana del Mar.

The house of Cura Santillana
The priest’s house
  1. House Eagle and Vine

After your entry, we will discover an interesting exhibition on the Vijanera the first carnival in Spain .

House of the Eagle and the Vine
House of the Eagle and the Vine
  1. Tower of Merino and Tower of Don Borja

Also located in the Plaza Mayor of Santillana del Mar these two medieval towers They are more than interesting.

Tower of Don Borja, what to see in Santillana del Mar
historical legacy

Historic center (what to see in Santillana del Mar)

the center or old town of Santillana del Mar it is a marvel, that we cannot stop wandering.

get lost in their Cobbled streets and its slopes, enjoying its mountain-style houses, is quite an experience.

center of Santillana del Mar
center of Santillana del Mar

In many of its streets, we will find, good restaurants, souvenir shops and a most vibrant atmosphere.

Its most popular streets are San Juan Infante Street and Canton Street.

Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana, one of the best things to see in Santillana del Mar

As we mentioned before, Santillana comes from Santa Juliana and its maximum expression is this schoolgirl , who also dismantles the myth that Santillana del Mar is not a saint.

Listed as the Romanesque style monument most important in Cantabria, is in turn one of the most beautiful in Spain.

original of the XII century it’s an icon What to discover in Santillana del Mar and both its external part and visiting its interior does not disappoint.

We must not overlook visit his cloister.

Palace of the Velardes

Another of the great Renaissance jewels What to see in 1 day in Santillana del Mar is this fantastic palace.

original of the century XVI , noted for its Renaissance architecture.

Velarde Palace
In the background, the Palacio de los Velarde

Snack like your neighbors

to snack milk with biscuits is one of the more ingrained customs of the residents of the village.

So if we want to feel one more, we must not ignore the possibility of tasting one of the jewels What to eat in Santillana del Mar.

visit its museums

In addition to enjoying your cobbled streets its squares and architecture and its gastronomy , there are many museums to visit in Santillana del Mar.

  1. Diocesan Museum

welcoming more than 600 works from other churches in Cantabria It is one of the most essential museums What to visit in Santillana del Mar.

Located in a convent century XVI It is an excellent visit.

  1. Jesus Otero Museum

Another essential museum to discover in the ancient Saint Juliana is the one located in the Collegiate Church.

in it we will find impressive works of this Cantabrian sculptor born in the same Santillana del Mar.

  1. Waffle Maker Museum

Featured among things to do in Santillana del Mar This museum also has the interest of all ages.

On the upper floor of Archduchess Margaret of Austria, we find a museum with old toys.

The children and the not so children we will enjoy with them and with the memories they bring us.

On the first floor, we can see and rather “taste” some sweets and desserts from the local gastronomy.

waffles, chocolates and goodies await us.

Visit the Altamira Cave

Actually, they are located just 2-3 kilometers from the town and it is one of those places that you must visit more than obligatory.

declared, Heritage of humanity by unesco it’s one of those places What to see near Santillana del Mar.

considered, as the sistine chapel cave art the engravings found inside date from the Superior paleolithic.

With more than 15000 years behind them these paintings in walls and ceilings become a reference what to visit in Cantabria Y What to see in Spain in general.

We must bear in mind that visiting the original caves is a matter of luck, since only They raffle 5 tickets every Friday.

To enter the draw, we must access the neo cave either replica of the Altamira Cave, where we find exactly a very successful “copy” of the original.

Of all the visitors who access the replica of the Cueva de Altamira, between 9.30 and 10.30 on Friday mornings, 5 lucky people will be able to visit the original Altamira Cave.

To reserve tickets you can access the Official website of the Altamira Cave.

It is included among 10 essential places to see in Santillana del Mar.

Santa Justa Beach

This beautiful beach is almost 10 kilometers from Santillana del Mar, and for many locals it is proof that the town does have a sea.

It is one of the most beautiful places in Cantabria, and also has the curious Hermitage of Ubiarco located on the same cliff.

a place like Santillana del Mar, is a must see .Here we will find unique places.

Restaurants Where to eat in Santillana del Mar local food and excellent hotels and hostels in which to spend the night.

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