What to see in Teruel, a suggestive destination to enjoy

The city of Teruel in the community of Aragón is home to many cultural attractions and a wide variety of activities to do and gastronomic options.

The Autonomous Community of Aragon It is a destination that offers many possibilities so that visitors have the opportunity to make the most complete trip possible. Within this region we can visit the city of Teruel, which is one of the reference provinces where you can take advantage of its rich historical and cultural heritage. It is a place known thanks to the legend of the Lovers of Teruel.

One of the essential visits is the El Salvador Tower. It is a very special tower since it is currently a World Heritage Site and is part of the Mudejar complex of Teruel. Best of all, you can see impressive views from the top and it is an experience that is really worth it.

The Staircase It is another place of reference that must be seen during the holidays in Teruel. It dates from the beginning of the 20th century and has a very outstanding Neo-Mudejar style that usually surprises tourists. Just enjoy the experience of going down the stairs and don’t worry about going up, as there is an elevator so you don’t get tired on the way.

One of the outstanding religious buildings is the St. Mary’s Cathedralinteresting because it has notable architectural elements such as its Mudejar-style roof and it is really worth it together with the Church of San Pedro, which is another of the important religious works, in this case with Renaissance elements such as its main altar.

Another interesting visit is the Torico square, an emblematic place that has become one of the most iconic in Teruel. Curiously, it is a small sculpture of a bull or torico and it is a central place during Christmas since it is where the tree is placed.

no doubt the trip through Teruel It cannot be complete without visiting its bars and restaurants to taste the best traditional products, which is always something very appetizing so that the holidays can be very complete and visitors leave a good taste in their mouths.

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