What to see in Tulum?: unmissable excursions

If we talk about destinations that are in fashion, without a doubt we must mention the exotic Tulum. And it is that this beautiful corner of Mexico has been growing in popularity, receiving the visit of thousands of tourists every year.

The reason is simple: its natural beauty is impressive, exotic and does not leave even the most traveled traveler indifferent. In addition to this, the development of the tourism industry in the region has built first class services and experiences for the enjoyment of all types of travelers.

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Tulum and discovering this paradise of cenotes and native fauna, keep reading! In El Viajero Feliz we tell you about those excursions that you simply cannot miss. Are you ready? Well, let’s get started!

What to see in Tulum?

There are many corners of the Riviera Maya that are truly fascinating. But among them, the town of Tulum is one of the most beautiful. It is a small town with a great bohemian atmosphere. Its infrastructure, its charming streets and local businesses are part of its charm. But perhaps what most seduces about Tulum is its wild and magnetic nature. White sand beaches and cenotes with marvelous crystal clear water steal the hearts of travelers.

And if you are also one of the history-loving travelers, in Tulum you will love the Mayan ruins, silent sample of the advances of one of the most extraordinary civilizations of America. If you want to get out of the usual bustle of Cancun or Playa del Carmen, you are sure to love Tulum. Let’s see together the most important excursions, the ones you cannot miss.

The best 5 excursions in Tulum

1. Tulum Ruins

Coming to Tulum and not knowing the impressive Mayan ruins is the same as not having come. And it is that these formations and structures are one of the most emblematic places in the entire Riviera Maya. It is the most impressive archaeological site in the region, both for its historical value and for its impressive location facing the Caribbean Sea. What you will be able to see are the remains of the fortified city, which functioned between the 6th and 15th centuries, and was erected for the worship of the Descending God.

In addition to its religious and symbolic value, it was an epicenter for Mayan land and sea trade. The ruins are also home to the Tulum National Park. If you want to enjoy them to the fullest, write down in your travel log to know the wall with the watchtowers, the castle facing the sea, the Temple of the Frescoes, the Temple of the Descending God, the House of Columns, the House of Halach Uinic, the House of Chultún and the House of the Cenote.

2. Enjoy the beaches

Another of the plans and excursions that you simply cannot miss on your visit to Tulum is the enjoyment of its exuberant white sand beaches and clear waters. For many, those of Tulum are the best beaches in all of Yucatan. But which ones to go for exactly? Well, along the coast you will find many beaches. Some are very popular with tourists, while others remain even more hidden.

Here are some of our recommendations: Playa Ruinas is the most famous. It is precisely the one that combines the archaeological remains of the great ancient city with the seascape. Keep in mind that it is not very big, so it is best to arrive early. One kilometer from the ruins you find Paraíso beach, a beauty with calm waters and coral reefs, ideal for snorkeling. Las Palmas beach and beach Chemuyil are also coastal corners of great beauty, which are worth knowing.

3. Dive into the enchanting cenotes

cenotes in Tulum

Few things in Tulum compare to the magic of the cenotes. Undoubtedly the favorites of almost all travelers. These are exuberant natural freshwater wells, which for the Mayan civilization were considered sacred., as a special place where communication flowed between the terrestrial world and the underworld. Bathing in a cenote is one of the best things to do in this beautiful corner of Mexico.

There are thousands of cenotes in the region. Among the most popular are the Gran Cenote and the Cenote Dos Ojos. There are always many visitors there. There are also others that are calmer and more serene, for those who love peace. These are the cenotes of Nicte-Ha and Calavera. Keep in mind that some of them are for everyone, while others are recommended only for swimmers and even experienced divers.

4. Ride a bike

Do you like to take advantage of your trips to enjoy a little exercise in the fresh air? Well, in Tulum you can do great bike rides. The pleasant climate and the natural beauty of the environment will be your great allies. As a fact to take into account, we tell you that there is a cycle path of just over three kilometers, which reaches the end of Avenida Coba.

5. Snorkel with turtles

Tulum excursions

And if you are a lover of nature, of fauna, of close interaction with the environment, without a doubt, snorkeling has to be one of the activities that you add to your visit to Tulum. And it is that this destination is extraordinary to immerse yourself and live a little with marine species. A special recommendation is to swim with the fascinating Sea Turtles in their natural habitat in the Akumal Natural Sanctuary. You’ll love it!

And you, Are you ready to discover Tulum? Well, pack your bags and enjoy the Mexican Caribbean!