What to see in Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz

Have you not yet chosen a destination for your next vacation? Do you want to enjoy the tranquility in the south of Spain? Do you feel like getting lost on the Andalusian coast? Well, don’t miss this entry from El Viajero Feliz in which we show you another place to spend a dream vacation: the dazzling places to see in Zahara de los Atunesan amazing town that will conquer you.

Zahara de los Atunes is a district belonging to the town of Barbate, located in Cádiz. This town borders the town of Tarifa, about 73 kilometers from the capital and 177 kilometers from Seville, the capital of the Andalusian community. What stands out most about this district is that in it you can enjoy amazing sunsets and even enjoy a view of the African continent that is seen on the other side of the strait.

It has more than 7 kilometers of beach with sand so white and fine that it looks like flour, with crystal clear and clean waters, which stretch from Zahara de los Atunes to Cabo de Gracia, covering all the urbanizations of Zahara and Atlanterra. Do you want to know what to do in Zahara de los Atunes? Keep reading!

What to see in Zahara de los Atunes

1. Center of Zahara de los Atunes

The center of Zahara de los Atunes is one of the obligatory stops. Here it is the most commercial part of this small Spanish town. Also, you can take the opportunity to try some of the typical Spanish food that is sold in the dozen small restaurants. Its center has a unique charm, we recommend that you walk through its streets and dare to find treasures for yourself. You will not regret!

2. Church of Carmen

carmel churchAnother of the places to visit in Zahara de los Atunes is the Iglesia del Carmen, whose construction dates from the fifteenth century. Since then it has been important from a religious point of view. Its tourist interest has grown over time, not only because of its architecture, but also because Father Francisco de Paula Fernández-Caro Pareja, Father Caro, Archpriest of Vejer, blessed it on May 30, 1906.

This church is one of the things to see in Zahara de los Atunes and it is essential. In 2010, a deep remodeling of this church was carried out, so it is preserved in good condition. The interior stands out for its rectangular floor plan. Something that attracts the attention of visitors is the image of a crucified man, an 18th century work that arrived in Zahara in 1993. For its part, the church of El Carmen was declared Place of Ethnological Interest and Asset of Cultural Interestwith monument category, in 2003.

3. Zahara de los Atunes Food Market

Considered the Sistine Chapel of Tuna, this is one of the essential places to see in Zahara de los Atunes. It is a small market where the protagonist is tuna. so you will be able buy the freshest specimens for your preparations or, if you prefer, you can taste dishes where tuna is the protagonist. You will also see an incredible offer of fish!

Something that stands out about this food market is that its interior simulate the seabed with tunas. The truth is that it is impressive and gives the place a very particular magic. As a curiosity about this site: Another of its star products is retinta beef! They are raised on the beach and live in freedom.

4. Chanca Palace

The Zahara de los Atunes Castle or Chanca Palace is located in the town of Barbate and its origins come from Phoenician and Roman times. This building was dedicated to the celebration of activities related to the production and conservation of tuna. It stored fishing materials, boats, among others.

It became one of the key military sites in the area to be able to watch and defend the place of pirate attacks. Its location near the Strait of Gibraltar has given it notable importance in great historical moments. Its origin dates back to the year 1294.

5. Zahara de los Atunes Beach

Beach to see in Zahara de los Atunes

What to see and do in Zahara de los Atunes? Go to the beach of the same name! It is one of the most famous for its sunsets. It is excellent if you are looking for what to see in Zahara de los Atunes in one day, in addition to it is very familiar. And suitable for children, since its waters are usually quite calm.

It is wide and long, the locals know it as Playa de la Virgen del Carmen and Playa del Pueblo. It is very well equipped with lifeguard posts, danger signaling, maritime rescue, beach bars and even access for tiny children and baby carriages. If you go to this beach, you will see the rusty boiler of the Gibralfaro steamship, which has been stranded since January 12, 1902.

6. Atlanterra Beach

Atlanterra Beach

Playa de Atlanterra is a true jewel that adapts to all types of tourists. It is also called Cabo de Plata or Torre Plata beach, which alludes to a old watchtower that was at the end of the caperemembered by some of the locals of this town.

It is located in a private urbanization belonging to the Spanish municipality of Tarifa. This gives you a certain level of privacy and restricted access. Many people often take advantage of their quiet surroundings to take a walk in the afternoon. And, one of the activities that you cannot stop doing is giving yourself a good massage in one of the centers set up for this purpose on the beach. You dare?

7. Germans Beach

Germans Beach

Playa de Agua en Medio is one of the best known on the Andalusian coast and is known by the locals as Playa de los Alemanes. It does not have infrastructure dedicated to tourism, such as hotels or restaurants, and it is the ideal place to spend a few quiet days by the sea. Its low influx, interrupted by dozens of private chalets, allows you to observe the Camarinal and Tangier Lighthouse quite easily.

8. Bunquer Beach

Bunker Beach

In the foothills of the Atlanterra beach and that of the Germans is what is known as Playa del Búnquer. It is a very beautiful beach, with calm waters. However, the curious thing is that many come to see the bunker that is there. The bunker has an old concrete walkway that connects it to the coast and its construction dates from the 40s. In the past it served as a lookout and defense against a possible invasion by sea, now it is a tourist spot and a historical element that gives this beach a new look. Great, right?

9. Cañuelo Beach

Cañuelo Beach |  What to see in Zahara de los Atunes

For the more adventurous tourists there is Playa del Cañuelo! With an approximate length of 350 meters, it is perfect for those who want to visit an environment surrounded by nature. Its sand is golden and, in some areas, you will see a large accumulation of rocks. On the other hand, Playa del Cañuelo has a small area where nudism is allowed.

Walking along this Cañuelo beach, you will come across the lighthouse of Camarinal, also called Faro de Gracia, built on top of a beacon tower in the 16th century. From this lighthouse you will be able to see the entire extension of Playa del Cañuelo, very close to the military terrain that the Estrecho Natural Park encompasses.

10. Cave of the Orcas

The Cave of the Orcas is that place you were looking for in Zahara de los Atunes and surroundings. Getting there is very easy, as it is located a few meters from the road in the Urbanización de los Alemanes. However, you should know that entering its interior is completely prohibitedbecause there is a wire fence that prevents the passage.

But, what is the Cave of the Orcas? A cavity located right in front of where the killer whales come to catch the tuna for hundreds of years. This is a fascinating show! Especially if you have an interest in animals. Its interior is quite narrow, in fact, its depth does not exceed one and a half meters.

From this cave, the paintings draw attention cave paintings and various cracks, which reveal that previous civilizations used it. And some experts even believe that it also fulfilled some religious function as a place of worship. A painted horse that belongs to the Magdalenian period deserves special attention. On the other hand, if you look closely, around the cave, you will see anthropomorphic tombs on the ground dating from the same time as the paintings. Fascinating!

Have you ever visited Zahara de los Atunes? It seems to us that we are facing one of the most charming towns in Spain. Its architecture is quite particular and, although somewhat simple, it manages to captivate us with its beautiful beaches and historical curiosities. Would you visit her? Leave us a comment!

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