What to visit on a quick trip through Kyoto, a classic destination in Japan

Kyoto is a good destination in Japan that is worth visiting and can be done by making a quick visit of a few days to discover the most unique places.

Sometimes we can’t take a long vacation and we have a few days to get to know big cities like Kyoto, either because we are going to see other places in Japan or because it is not possible to stay longer. There are a series of essential visits that you must take into account to make the most of the days you have available, as Kyototourism invites us.

Kyoto It is an excellent destination to meet as a couple and explore its many attractions. A reference site is the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine, a more than pleasant walk. It is one of the most typical photos when it comes to visualizing this area of ​​Japan and allows you to take a tour of about 4 kilometers around this beautiful sanctuary, where you will surely want to take more than one photograph.

A highly recommended visit is the one that can be made to the golden pavilion, a temple that is so known because a series of sheets of gold leaf have been used for the coverage and the result is undoubtedly impressive. It is also a place where many tourists usually go but it is a very attractive temple from the 14th century and perfect for photography lovers.

Another of the old buildings is the Imperial Palace, a whole classic. Its gardens are spectacular for a walk, as well as eating outdoors, an experience in this very special place in Kyoto.

the area of Higashiyama-ku It is very special since it has nothing to do with the temples, but we are going to find a series of shops to buy souvenirs or cafeterias, ideal to relax and have a drink during our stay.

There is no doubt that even if they are only a few days, you can take advantage of the stay in kyoto and enjoy all the most representative and attractive places for tourists who make a trip.

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