What we brought back from #blogtripLP

It is a lot that we brought all the participants of the #blogtripLP . I’ll try to summarize it:

We brought ourselves the certainty that the silver It has everything that the traveler can expect from a tourist city.: good gastronomy, an immensely rich history –which is difficult to compress in any tour-, a monumental architecture in its historic buildings and in its mansions from the beginning of the 20th century that make it romantic and attractive, a cultural life in continuous boiling – from tattoo conventions to popular festivals such as the Fiesta del Alcaucil or the convening Fiesta del Inmigrante in Berisso), enviable green spaces, friendly and warm people and so much more.

We brought a full belly and a happy heart. They welcomed us with pizzas from La Piecita, as rich as the history of Chacho, his owner, a real character from La Plata. Food abounded in Liberio, in an environment of good music and better service. But a meal is nothing if the hosts do not make you feel at home, as the guys from @laplatago Y @pachimarino. Their generosity and, more than anything, the love they have for the silveris something contagious, which is transmitted and impregnated in travelers.

We brought our batteries charged with the good energy of the people at Hostel Frankville. An old typical house renovated by Pachi Marino to receive travelers from all over the world in a cozy, comfortable space and, above all, an ideal place to exchange experiences and win friends. It was the first hostel in the city of La Plata, and it is the best choice to enjoy your stay in La Plata.

We brought ourselves the certainty that two days in La Plata are not enough to do everything the city has to offer. Going to pubs, like Hispano Arte Bar, is an obligatory stop at night in La Plata. Taking a moment to discover all the cultural activity, for example listening to local music by ConceptoO and the compilation in homage to El Eternauta de Los Ellos, is another way to learn more about the city of diagonals. But that’s not all: the Children’s Republic, the Museum of Natural Sciences (third in importance in Latin America), going to Berisso, the city of immigrants, and touring the vineyards of Los Vinos de la Costa, which used to be the most important of Argentina, more than fifty years ago, are activities that no traveler can miss and that need many days of travel to be able to enjoy them.

we brought I really want to return to La Plata to do each of the activities again, to savor them slowly, to walk slowly, to do everything that was left out, which is a lot. The city is bustling with cultural activities to do, restaurants and themed pubs where you can indulge in bacchanalia, well-kept parks and squares where you can rest in the sun, shops like Pasaje Rodrigo where you can give free rein to consumerism, nature where you can forget which is only an hour from the capital of Buenos Aires. the silver won my traveling heart.

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