What you can do in one day in Amsterdam

A day in Amsterdam may not seem like much to get to know all the attractions that this beautiful city offers. However, if you have to make a long stopover there or you are simply going on a getaway, in 24 hours you can soak up the charm of this beautiful European capital if you organize yourself well.

One option is to purchase the Amsterdam City Card to fully enjoy that day. It gives you access to more than 60 museums, plus unlimited public transportation, a free cruise on one of the canals, and the chance to explore the metropolitan area. It costs 60 euros and is for individual use.

If you want to go on your ownit is also more than possible. Keep in mind the following recommendations to organize your one-day visit to Amsterdam.

1. Rijksmuseum, essential in a day in Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is the most famous museum in Amsterdam, and with good reason. It houses around 8,000 works by the most important painters of all timesincluding Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer. Whether you are a lover of painting or not, the truth is that taking advantage of the visit to the city it is worth enjoying these wonders.

The Rijksmuseum opens at 9 in the morning. It is best to arrive a little earlier to avoid congestion in the queues. If you have the Amsterdam City Card you can enter for free. Otherwise, you must pay just over 17 euros.

2. Van Gogh Museum or Vondelpark

A day in Amsterdam should be used to visit other museums in this city. It is very different to see a work of art on the Internet or in a book than to appreciate it live, especially if we talk about Van Gogh, one of the painters who transmits the most with his works. In the Van Gogh Museum there are 200 paintings and about 400 drawings by this artist.

But if you don’t like museums and you’ve had enough visiting the Rijksmuseum, a good alternative is to go to the Vondelpark for a while, the most important park in Amsterdam. It is a good place to spend some quiet time and contemplate the daily life of the Dutch.

3. The flower market or Bloemenmarkt

This is another essential if you are going to spend a day in Amsterdam. It is about a 20-minute walk to the Vondelpark, which is in the same area as the Van Gogh Museum. It is one of the most beautiful places in Amsterdam and also one of the most traditional. It houses 15 floating shops selling flowers, seeds and plant-related accessories.

It is the only floating flower market in the world, one of those singularities that you can only see in Amsterdam. It’s been around since 1883 and today it’s not as lush as it was in the past, but it’s still colorful and full of life. The best time to go is between April and May, when the tulips bloom.

4. Leidse Square

It is considered the liveliest area of ​​Amsterdam. After having walked around the city and having seen some of its great attractions, you probably have an appetite. This is a great place to eat and to integrate into typical Dutch life.

The place is full of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and theaters. It is also normal to see many street artists in this area. The Municipal Theater and the American Hotel are two architectural jewels that you will be able to appreciate here. In addition, there are charming cafes with terraces and a giant chess on the Max Euweplein street, near it.

5. Walk through the canals

The walk through the canals is another of those plans that are typically traditional in Amsterdam. In the Venice of the North, multiple excursions are offered to take this route, which, obviously, you can also do on your own.

There are different paths, but all of them they will allow you to appreciate the architectural richness of the city from a point of view more in keeping with the environment. These cruises are also offered at night and have the added charm of seeing this beautiful city lit up in all its splendor.

6. Dam Square, essential in a day in Amsterdam

If what it is about is making the most of a day in Amsterdam, you cannot miss this Dam Square. There is located a 22-meter-high obelisk that is the country’s national monument. This structure is dedicated to the Dutch fallen during World War II.

The Royal Palace is also located here. Nearby is the Oude Kerk, a church that is the oldest building in the city. Leaving it, you come face to face with the famous Red Light District, a place that distinguishes Amsterdam from other capitals in the world.

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