What you didn’t know about New York’s Central Park

Central Park in New York is the lung of the city of skyscrapers and one of the largest parks in the world. With so many corners to explore, it is not surprising that it hides countless curiosities that make it a most interesting space. Do you want to discover some?

Curiosities of Central Park in New York

What we are sure of, without a doubt, is that Central Park is an essential visit in the Big Apple, since it is a magical and unique place in the world. Its trees, its immense grassy esplanades, its lakes and endless architectural and natural elements make it a very special place.

Its size

To say that New York’s Central Park is big is an understatement. Its size is much more than that, since it is twice the size of Monaco and eight times the size of the Vatican.

So if you go to New York, set aside at least a whole day to spend there. Enjoy its beauty and, why not, have a picnic on its esplanades if the weather allows it.

alice is there

This park has wanted to conquer the hearts of adults and adults, and for this it is full of attractions that are worth knowing. A) Yes, you will be able to contemplate a small tribute to Alice in Wonderlandby Lewis Carrol.

It is a small sculptural group in which you can see the main protagonists of the story. It was commissioned by George Delacorte, a local philanthropist, in honor of his wife, a faithful follower of the writer. A delight for the little ones and for adults too. A whole classic!

it’s not natural

Although many believe that its origin is natural, it is not. Central Park in New York is the result of a project by a group of architects in the 19th century. Who was going to tell them that their work would be so well known? What is surprising is to think that all the elements of the park were conceived taking care of the smallest detail.

The obelisk

Although it seems out of place, an Egyptian obelisk stands in the park. It is an original piece that has its twin in London and both were donated by Egypt. They are Cleopatra’s Needles and were sculpted in the 15th century BC by order of Pharaoh Tutmosis III.

Chosen by contest

As we said before, the park is the work of a team of professionals, but they did not have it easy to be the ones chosen to design such a project. There was a contest to choose the best idea. 32 projects were presented to him and the winner was that of Frederick Law Olmsted and Calbert Vaux.

As for the cost of making the project a reality, its price was around seven and a half million dollars.

taking advantage of the seasons

During the winter months an ice skating rink is set up which has superseded the one in front of the Rockefeller building. While taking advantage of the hot months, you can take a dip in a gigantic public pool.

your streetlights

An element that can go so unnoticed is one of the protagonists of the park, since At least 1,600 lampposts distributed throughout its length are counted.

The curiosity is that they have plates with four numbers. The first two are used to find out which is the closest street and the other two so that you can locate yourself and know if you are in the east or west. The even ones go to the east and the odd ones go to the west. Interesting, right?

Let’s go fishing

If you like fishing, the Central Park lake will be an ideal place to practice this sport. In it there are carp, sea bass, catfish and black robin. But you won’t be able to take the catch home, you’ll have to return it to the water. At least you’ve had a fun time, right?

You can have your own bank

Would you like to get to the park and have your own bench to sit on? Well you can! You just have to sponsor it and they will put a plaque with your name on it. Of course, the whim will cost you at least 7,000 dollars, depending on the bank. Worth? you judge it

These are just some of the most attractive curiosities of New York’s Central Park, but we have many others to tell you. Maybe another time.

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