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When did ‘quarantine’ 😷 start to be used as a health measure?

The word “quarantine” refers to a person who is sick and must be kept separate from those who are not sick, apparently this word was first used in 1617. And it was to refer to the isolation that a ship had on the high seas because it was suspected that she carried a contagious disease.

However, isolating infected people to prevent the spread of a disease It is a practice that has been done since before 1617.

To cite one case, in 1347, during the bubonic plague, the Venice authorities isolated people who went by boat and were suspected of carrying the disease. The isolation lasted about 40 days.

But there are some writings that confirm that the practice of isolating sick people to prevent the spread of the virus dates back several years.

An example of this are the Qumran Scrolls, dating from the 250th century BC. c. and, these are said to be hand-made copies of scrolls that were written many years ago. Historians mention that one of those original writings was completed in the year 1512 a. C. and, it is precisely in that Scroll where the practice of isolating sick people to avoid an epidemic is mentioned. So practice that today we call “quarantine” has been used for more than 3,500 years.

The most curious thing is that this “old” information of how people were isolated to prevent them from becoming infected by a disease, is within the reach of many people, since it is found in a collection of “books” known as “The Bible”. And it is in that collection of books that Leviticus is found and more specifically, chapter 13 where reference is made to “quarantine”.

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