When does Tower Bridge in London go up?

One of the most famous monuments in Great Britain is undoubtedly the Tower Bridge in London. It is always worth contemplating, but much more so when its platforms are raised. There are those who wait for a stroke of luck to enjoy that moment. But, did you know that there is a specific time to see it? Take note!

Practical facts about London’s Tower Bridge

London’s Tower Bridge, or Tower Bridge, is a classic drawbridge. It crosses the area east of the River Thames from the city center. For you to situate yourself, it is one step away from the famous Tower of London.

Tower Bridge – Sebastian Scholl /

This bridge was built in the 19th century. It stands out for its two neo-Gothic style towers with blue and grayish motifs. Both are linked by a folding walkway, with two lanes for driving and two pedestrian paths. Every day about 44,000 people cross it, by car or on foot.

From its walkway there are beautiful views of both the river and the city, although this is not the only attraction of the bridge. You can climb to the top of its towers and enjoy a slightly more panoramic view. Or you can even visit the engine room that makes it lift.

When does Tower Bridge go up?

tower bridge rising

We have already said it. If there is an engine room, this bridge is still active! On normal days, he usually gets up three or four times.. And you can do it more times, everything varies depending on the navigation traffic that the city requires. Thanks to the fact that this bridge is raised, many boats can cross the river.

Getting to see the raised bridge is not very complicated, although it may seem so at first. Just check the Tower Bridge website. In it, all the times of the day in which the bridge will raise its platforms appear updated.

Generally, he usually gets up twice in the afternoon and twice at night. Specifically, between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.

On weekends, on the other hand, it is usually open less often, or even none, as is often the case on Saturdays. The schedules are usually either at noon, or around 4 in the afternoon, maintaining some night schedules.

What must be taken into account to see it raised?

Tower Bridge Platforms

We remind you that these schedules of the Tower Bridge in London that we have mentioned are approximate. The key to seeing how it moves is to check its website and be in the area on time.

Although there are more or less established routines, unforeseen events may arise that modify the schedules. So now you know: plan your visit to this London Bridge at one of the times when it appears that it is going to open.


A unique way to see how the bridge rises is to see it from the upper walkway that joins the two towers. This walkway has a part with a glass floor, which allows you to see the boats pass by.

What to do while you are there?

Tower Bridge – Colin/

Well, what can you do while you wait for the bridge to go up? Fortunately, being in the downtown area, near the Tower Bridge in London you can visit and do different activities.

Of course, you can visit the Tower of London and discover the collection of the Crown jewels. You can also take the opportunity to visit the monument to the Great Fire of London, which took place in 1666. Or you can visit the Borought Market, the largest food market in the city.

Finally, if you prefer to see a more modern and futuristic part of London, We advise you to go to The Shard, one of the most impressive skyscrapers in Europe. You also have the City Hall of London, located on the other side of the Tower of London.

You have already seen it, It doesn’t take a stroke of luck to see London’s Tower Bridge go up.. Just look at their website and plan your visit to the area just at the time it is forecast to rise. Without a doubt, it is worth it, it is a very curious spectacle. Don’t miss the appointment!

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