Where are the best places to stay in Moscow?

Moscow is one of the largest European cities and certainly one of the most beautiful. A historical and cultural city, located in the north of the continent, which has become a great attraction for travel lovers. If you plan to visit this destination soon,pay attention to our tips on where to stay in Moscow!

How is the accommodation in Moscow?

Nikitsky Boulevard

ANDCompared to Spain, Russia, and more specifically Moscow, is an expensive destination for travelers. This means that, if we want to travel to the city, we have to save and try to find the best possible options so that our wallet does not suffer: accommodation, transport, daily expenses…

However, It is a city where there is a very wide range of accommodation. For a few years, visits to Moscow have become widespread in the panorama of travelers. More and more tourists are heading to the Russian capital to see Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, etc.

The high season in Moscow, and therefore lThe time when finding accommodation at a good price will be complicated, it is the summer. This is because the city, due to its geographical location, is a very cold place and in July and August the sun allows you to enjoy it with pleasant temperatures.

Although demand is high, accommodation in Moscow is, as we have told you, varied. There are hotels, hostels, apartments and even rental housing. Almost all establishments are located in the downtown area, as is understandable. But what are the best areas to look for accommodation?

Where to stay in Moscow?

If you already have your tickets ready to travel to Moscow,These are the areas where you have to look for accommodation! All of them central, well connected by public transport and above all… close to the tourist icons!


Red Square

It is a central neighborhood, located in the surroundings of the Red Square. It is the most touristic area to stay mainly due to its proximity to this square. Perhaps it is where the demand is highest during the season: all tourists want to stay in the streets of this neighborhood.


In addition to having many accommodation options and being close to tourist attractions, Kitai-gorod is where there is more nightlife. Through its streets there are cafes, restaurants, shops, etc.

Perhaps you only have one objection: the price. All the good things that this neighborhood has to offer have a considerable influence on the money we spend to stay here. Our advice? Choose based on your wallet!


Arbat neighborhood

Its name means “on the outskirts”, although it is still a 10-minute walk from the Kremlin. It is a more bohemian neighborhoodwith a very lively historical past and present in its streets, restaurants and businesses.

Specifically, this place has a significant offer of apartment, hostel and hotel accommodation at more average prices (although there are also luxury offers). Undoubtedly, this place is the most recommended to stay in Moscow: It is neither near nor far and the price is the most affordable. Take note!


This neighborhood is one of the most popular in Moscow because it is the place for shopping. Tverskaya Street is located in this neighborhood, the place for exclusive brands and luxury stores. In addition, it is another important place for lively nightlife.

If you are one of those who loves to buy and enjoy the party, this is a good place to stay in moscow. There are many tourists who certify it, do not stay without your room in this area!


Khamovniki district

Leaving the tourist neighborhoods behind, if you like to travel in a more relaxed way, this is the most recommended neighborhood to stay in Moscow. It is the furthest of the four, but it is only 15 minutes from the Kremlin. In addition, the way to it will be more than entertaining because you will find numerous monuments.

It is a charming neighborhood: There are remnants of historic buildings that have been restored, restaurants and accommodation for all budgets. In short, a neighborhood for all those who don’t mind walking too much to stay in a quieter place.

Of course, although we have told you that Moscow is an expensive destination, that does not mean that it is not interesting. It is a city of reference in culture, history, sport, technology… It is a leading country! And you? Do you want to be one of the privileged ones who visit it?

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