Where to find the Saliencia Lakes?

The Saliencia Lakes are one of the most beautiful natural spectacles that we can find in Spain. It is one of the natural jewels that the Asturias region offers visitors and that will undoubtedly leave you speechless.

These lakes are located in the Somiedo Natural Park, one of the most important and beautiful places in the entire Community of Asturias. It is a space made up of four lakes that have a glacial origin and whose surrounding landscape of valleys and snowy peaks, even in summer, looks like something out of a movie.

How to get to the Saliencia Lakes

To get to these lakes, there is a very well signposted circular route of about eight kilometers in total called the Ruta de los Lagos de Saliencia. this route It is full of ups and downs, although not very difficult.

This path will allow you to take a pleasant walk that will take you through landscapes that you will remember for life. The constant green of the area, with its different shades, contrasts with the blue of the sky and the white of the eternal snow that you will see reflected in these lakes.

To start the tour of this route, you must reach the Alto de la Farrapona located on the border between Asturias and León. There you will find a car park, where you can leave your car to start the walk.

The route will take you along dirt roads where you can see the occasional rural house and popular architecture, as well as cows and sheep that graze freely and other native animals of the area.

You will be able to see birds such as the golden eagle, the Egyptian vulture or vulture and amphibians such as the salamander, toads, the grass frog and the newt. There may even be a Cantabrian brown bear and an otter.

Details about the Saliencia Lakes

The so-called Saliencia Lakes are four: Lake of the Cave, Lake Almagrera or La Mina, Lake Cerveriz and the Calabazosa or Black Lake. If you want to extend the route, you can take a detour to see the Lago del Valle which, although it is not part of the group of Saliencia Lakes, is the largest of all those in the area.

Without this last lake, and at a relaxed pace to be able to contemplate the landscape, it can take between four and five hours to complete the route. Anyway, it’s up to you if you want to stop somewhere to eat or rest.

cave lake

Although the route is circular, it is recommended to start with this lake. From the Alto de Farrapona, you must go towards it following the signs. The Lake of the Cave is located at 1590 meters above sea level, enclosed by some picturesque steep hills.

The colors that predominate in the area are ocher, yellow and red, as it is a place rich in iron. In fact, a mine operated in the area until 1978.

Almagrera Lake

From there a nice switchback path will take you to the next lake. It is a route that will allow you to observe beautiful panoramic views of the lake of La Cueva, until you reach Almagrera or La Mina. Keep in mind that, if you go in summer, this one can be dry, since it is the smallest of all and its water evaporates more quickly.

Cerveriz Lake

The road continues to the next lake. During the tour, you will be able to observe beautiful landscapes of lush vegetation until you reach Lake Cerveriz, surrounded by dark and mysterious waters and green meadows.

Without a doubt, it is an ideal place to rest. You can take advantage and eat something there, but remember that you are in a protected space. Therefore, you should not leave any residue and it is very possible that you will find some animals grazing in the area.

Pumpkin Lake

The route of the four lakes reaches its end with the most beautiful and striking of these places: El Calabazosa (on the cover), also called Lago Negro, although this name does not honor its reality. Of the four, it is the lake with the most strikingly colored waters; It has a combination of green and blue colors.

Lake Calabazosa is the highest and deepest and it is surrounded by beautiful mountains, which is the main feature of these places. In its surroundings, you can go up to a slightly higher place to have a spectacular perspective of the first lake you will have visited: the Cueva Lake.

In short, if you like spending time relaxing outdoors and connecting with nature, these lakes offer you a spectacular opportunity. Enjoy its paths or sit down to observe the beautiful postcards… you will not regret meeting them!

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