Where to see the best sunsets in Istanbul

Istanbul has a special spell 24 hours a day. But that magic is multiplied to infinity when the sun begins to set over the horizon. So your private skyline of minarets, palaces and bridges generates the most beautiful postcards of the city. Besides, enjoying the sunsets in Istanbul provokes sensations of pleasure and privilege that are difficult to describe.

There are many points from which to enjoy this natural and daily spectacle that is the sunset in Istanbul. Nevertheless, there are some viewpoints that are simply exceptional. It is one of those magical places that we want to talk about next.

1. Galata Tower: one of the best sunsets in Istanbul

One of the must-see sites in Istanbul is the Galata Tower. It is a very interesting monument located in the European area of ​​the Turkish capital. In the morning or at noon, a visit to this historic tower is always very pleasant, but it is much more so in the late afternoon.

There is nothing like enjoying the sunset from its more than 60 meters high. you’ll see how the light generates incredible effects on the silhouette of some of the icons of Istanbul such as the Hagia Sophia or the Topkapi Palace.

2. Hill of Pierre Loti

Many writers have been inspired by Istanbul for their literary works, from Aghata Christie to the Spanish Antonio Gala, with his novel The Turkish Passion. However, no writer has contributed to the mythical character of the city like Pierre Lotinovelist who generated the most erotic image of the city and who is remembered in different locations.

Among those places is the cafe that bears his name and that rises high in the Eyüp neighborhood. From there you can enjoy privileged views of the entrance to the Bosphorus Straitwhich is dyed with a spectacular red light every sunset.

3. Cruise on the Bosphorus

Since we have mentioned the Bosphorus, which joins the Sea of ​​Marmara with the Black Sea to the north, we also want to recommend taking a cruise on it. And the best thing is to leave Istanbul in the morning and make the journey to towns like Andadoulu Kavagi to return in the afternoon. You will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world astride two continents.

4. Uskudar carpets

the famous pirate song José de Espronceda recites: “Asia aside; to the other, Europe; and there towards the Istanbul front.” This is how one feels when he embarks on the ferry which from Eimononu, on the European shore, takes us to the Asian neighborhood of Uskudar. It is a destination where One of the most attractive places to watch the sunset awaits us.

There, on the shores of the sea and in front of the airy tower of the Maiden, there is an area with carpets to sit, have a cup of tea and let the sun go down beyond the horizon, creating a special light atmosphere.

Of course, if someone travels as a couple to Istanbul, in this place love will multiplysince it is one of the most romantic experiences that can be lived in the Turkish capital.

5. More places to see the best sunsets in Istanbul

The places from which to see the wonderful sunset of the Turkish city do not end here. For example, it is impressive if that moment catches you crossing the Galata bridgeand even if you have just left the fun Spice Bazaar.

And why not, it is possible to have a drink while watching that light show. The best places can be the terrace of The Marmara Pera hotel, the Café Central Istanbul or the Sultan Terrace Café. Although this list can be very long, surely after your trip to this great city you will be able to add a good number of wonderful places to see the sunset in Istanbul.

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