Where to sleep in Lisbon (Portugal)

Wide offer

Portugal it is erecting In recent years, as one of the main tourist destinations in Europe.

Good Beaches in the area of Algarve, cultural heritage in Port etc… little by little they are consolidating the Portuguese country, as one of the great exponents at the tourist level.

The main claim that Portugal offers us, we find it in its capital, Lisbona cosmopolitan city where we can see closely the mix of old and new of this impressive city.

Their neighborhoods full of Tradition and culturedo not go unnoticed by tourists , who come more and more to visit this beautiful city.

Lisbon neighborhood

Logically, such a density of visits, well deserves a good hotel infrastructurewhich of course the Lisbon capital has.

The best areas to spend the night in Lisbon are

  • Commerce Square
  • Rossio Square
  • Marquis of Pompal
  • Park area

Among other

The city is very well connected to its main points with public transport, so staying in areas a little further away should not cause us too many problems.

The wide network of hotels in the city, guarantee a wide range of possibilities for the traveler that you can choose your accommodation evaluating different points, among the immense possibilities that Lisbon gives us.

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